Monday Kickstart – New Orleans SX 2012

They call New Orleans the Big Easy, and it would seem Ryan Villopoto took that moniker to heart. He easily scored the win inside the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, showing no signs of relaxing with his new number one plate. Taking a page from RV1’s game, Pro Circuit’s Darryn Durham serenaded Nola for his first-ever SX win in the Lites class. For others, however, the New Orleans track didn’t quite put out the way they’d probably hoped. Some gnarly crashes kept a few from the front of the pack, while injuries kept some of the sport’s favorites from even attempting to spit some game to the Big Easy.
To be frank, the 450 class paled in comparison to the Lites. With the championship wrapped up, the hometown favorite and People’s Champ (Windham) sidelined next to Chad Reed, James Stewart, and a small host of others, the premier class was all but over before it started. Conversely, the Lites class hosted a relatively exciting main event, saw a first-time winner, and crowned an East Coast champ.


The Mercedes-Benz Superdome is giant (hence the name, we suppose), so although the fan turnout was solid, it was not even close to full. As for the track itself, it featured a pretty long sand section, so hefty whoops, and a perplexing dirt surface that made tire selection and throttle control imperative to holding traction.


With the Mercedes-Benz Superdome looming over, the race semis had plenty of space and pleasant weather to pit trouble-free outside. And although there was no official Monster Energy Pit Party with vendors and such, some fans still wandered through the pits to see their favorite riders and teams in their element. We must say, however, we were pretty bummed that there were no Falken promo girls to snap some Falken photos with our Falken cameras (Why isn't there an A-Series tire from Falken yet?).


The sand section was actually pretty gnarly. Whooped out, rutted, and pretty long for a Supercross track, the sand served as a quagmire for many riders over the course of the day.