Monday Kickstart: November 12th, 2012

Catching Up With Josh Hansen
By Brendan Lutes

Josh Hansen has had a year of ups and downs. After turning in some top-five finishes in Supercross, Hanny injured his foot and was forced to withdraw from the series. Then after healing up in the off-season, he went overseas for a race, returned home, and was without a ride for reasons that are unknown. Now with only a couple months away from the start of the 2013 SX season, Hanny is riding a borrowed bike and doing his best to stay in shape and find a ride. We caught up with him to see how things have been going.

Hansen is still looking for a ride, but staying in shape and riding Supercross as much as possible.

What have you been up to lately?
Basically, I’ve just been riding lately and trying to get my deals for next year figured out, but it’s been pretty slow. So really, I’ve just been riding—that’s pretty much it. I’m just trying to enjoy life, and not dwell on the negatives with what’s been going on with my racing career.

Are you able to talk about what went down with you and the Hart & Huntington team?
Still to this day I don’t really know exactly what went down. Carey Hart—the owner of the team—told me that he doesn’t even know why and that it wasn’t him [that let me go]. He said that it was an upper management decision. I don’t really understand that, though, because he’s a team owner. They kind of pulled a fast one on me, and I don’t agree with it. It is what it is and they’re going in a different direction, but I’m good with that. It’s just a shame that I’m in this position, because there aren’t too many rides that are available with good opportunities. Everything happens for a reason, though. It’s kind of made me become more of a businessman and I have to put some stuff together. I have my suit on these days [laughs].

We ran into Hansen last week while he was having some fun at Fitzland with the Freestyle riders.

Going in and out of meetings?
Exactly. [Laughs]

If you can’t find a ride will we not see you on the line at Anaheim, or are you going to try to put something together and do it all yourself?
I don’t know. We’ll see what happens; I have no idea. I don’t know if I’m lining up or if I’m not lining up. It’s a shame, because Sunny Garcia gave me a bike—it’s just stock—and I’m riding really good. I would like to be out there. I don’t know; time will tell. Right now, I’m just cruising along and continuing to ride and stay active. Maybe a spot on a good team will become available, so I’m just trying to do all the right things and see what happens.

The Suzuki that Hanny is riding has been loaned to him from his friend Sunny Garcia.

Going back a little, can you talk about how the 2012 Supercross season went for you?
I got top-10 finishes for the most part. At the same time, though, I wanted to be up there within the top-five. Then after I got two top-fives, everyone in the field got hurt and the whole class fell apart. And as soon as I got to the point where I was breaking into the top-five, I got hurt. I can’t complain, though, because I did the best I could at the time. I don’t think we were fully ready to go for the first few rounds—as far as with the bike and track time, because the team had some last minute deals come together. I feel like with what we had to work with, we did pretty well. Last year was good. It was an eye opener to see that the class is super deep. In the Lites class you have five top guys and that’s about it. In the Supercross class it goes all the way back to 15th. It was cool, but right now I need to step up my game, and I’m kind of in a different position this year. If I do race as a privateer, it would be badass to break through like I did last year.

So for right now, you’re just trying to keep it fun and keep plugging away?
Yeah, I’ve been trying to. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a hard thing to swallow every morning when I wake up, but it is what it is. I’m just enjoying riding dirt bikes right now. I think going out and riding with some of the boys at somewhere like Fitzland is awesome. That’s motorcycle riding and that’s what we grew up doing—riding dirt bikes and having fun. It’s pretty rad to be on the bike, staying active, and finding the fun things about it rather than dwelling on the negatives of not having a ride and being screwed.

Hansen is hoping to find a ride and be on the line ready to go for Anaheim I.

Everyone online has been talking about the big jump you were hitting at Fitzland with everyone last week. What’s it like hitting something that big?
It’s cool. Fitzland is a rad place to shoot photos at. At the same time, though, I love just doing that kind of stuff. I wish there was a park—kind of like a skatepark—with natural terrain jumps everywhere. I feel like I could do so many cool things on a dirt bike. It’s just addicting when you have days like that when you’re hitting big jumps, and having to wait a few days to do it again when you have time is hard. The freestyle guys do it each day, and the freeriding stuff is so fun. I can’t wait to do it again and show the people online some even cooler stuff.