Monday Kickstart: November 12th, 2012

ADAC German Supercross Series

Round 1&2 – Stuttgrat

The opening weekend of the ADAC German Supercross Series took place at Stuttgrat in southern Germany, with a number of Americans adding to the already long list of racers. Jake Canada, Ben Lamay, P.J. Larsen, Vince Friese, Jason Thomas, and Tyler Bowers were among the US riders in attendance, and they went up against some of Europe’s fastest for the King and Prince of Stuttgrat titles.

Jake Canada found stiff competition in France’s Boris Maillard in the SX2 class, but Canada managed to sweep all four races over the two-day event to earn the designation as Prince. Aboard a Sturm Racing Honda, Canda built massive leads over the other 13 racers, with the majority of them being over three seconds at the checkered flag. Maillard would take second place overall and German Dominique Thury, third.


1. Jake Canada 1-1-1-1
2. Boris Maillard 2-2-2-2
3. Dominique Thury 3-5-3-5
4. Jaulin Sullivan 5-4-4-3
5. Tommy Weeck 4-3-5-4

The racing in the SX1 was a bit closer, as Frenchmen Florent Richier and Mickael Musquin took both main event wins. Musquin, the brother of a certain Red Bull KTM racer in the US, struck first on Friday night and looked to be the favorite on Saturday. A poor finish, however, would allow Richier to claim the second main event win and the King of Stuttgart overall.

The Americans would have a rougher go over the two days. The highest Patriot was that of recently retired Jason Thomas, who finished fourth overall with 3-8 scores. Tyler Bowers would take fifth, Vince Friese seventh, Ben Lamay ninth, and P.J. Larsen rounding off the top-ten.


1. Florent Richier 2-1
2. Mickael Musquin 1-7
3. Dennis Ullrich 4-3
4. Jason Thomas 3-8
5. Tyler Bowers 5-6