Monday Kickstart: November 12th, 2012


Yeah, it is only November and Thanksgiving (more importantly, A Day in the Dirt) hasn’t happened yet, but this small detail hasn’t kept us from looking at products to put on the site for the coming holiday rush. In the coming weeks, we will piece together look books for every brand, just in time for our readers to buy the gifts in time for the big day(s).

Last Friday, we hit up Maddy down the street at SPY Optic for a glance at what their 2013 line entails, including signature models from Kevin Windham and Jeremy McGrath. Missing from the line-up was the latest for Justin Barcia, but expect them to be on the website soon.

With a massive catalog of goggles and sunglasses to choose from, the crew at SPY has something for everyone. Trendy? Go with the “Bowery.” You a chick? “OMG” indeed. And even the Bud Heavy swigging backbone of ‘Merica can get shades with Dale Earnhardt Jr and Real Tree style.
If you see Jeremy McGrath on a bike, odds are he is wearing one of these two colorways. And can you blame him? First, MC has been an ambassador between moto and the Keep A Breast Foundation, and then he has a signature model on the Klutch frame.
The KAB Whip goggle has been widely successful for SPY. Five dollars from every pair of goggles and sunnies with the Keep A Breast logo goes right to the foundation and its mission to educate the masses on prevention and early detection. Help save your favorite doubles and support the cause.
MC’s latest signature style is inspired by his 1999 Anaheim Bell lid which was painted by Troy Lee. The matching bag features the story of the helmet in Jeremy’s own words, retelling the victory and the lid’s subsequent retirement as a means to preserve its perfect win record.
Kevin Windham’s signature Klutch is heavy with the Dixie theme, fitting since K-Dub was born and bred in Louisiana. These are the coolest General Lee products we have seen in sometime. Had SPY went a little heavier on the naval jack pattern, this would have been the perfect goggle to wear during the “impending” succession.
The Colt (left) and Discord sunglasses will be the two models heavily marketed at the moto demographic next year. The two drastically different styles appeal to the diverse mix of people our sport draws in.
Snow always get the coolest products. A few weeks back, we talked about the line of bags made by Herschel Supply Company, and just days later we see that they have a signature snow goggle with SPY. We are a bit envious of our sister publication down the hall.
Though their slogan for the clothing side of SPY mades shirts sound like an afterthought (“We Are Not An Apparel Company”), that couldn’t be further from the truth. This T is one of many we hope lands in a care package at our doorstep.
This hoody has one of the best tag lines we have heard in a bit: “Cheating Left And Right Since 1994.” If you were born after Biggie released “Big Poppa,” you might have to look elsewhere in the catalog for threads that don’t make you a liar.
This mesh snapback hat features the same phrase as the hoody, and is just as eye catching.