Monday Kickstart : November 19th, 2012


Though you may not realize it, if you were one of the million to watch “Dream Ride” by JDR Motorsports, you have already seen Josh Cachia ride. The blonde haired kid that greets Malcolm Stewart at the plane is not a native child hired to guide Mookie through the jungle, but is in fact a ripper in the land down under. Cachia will contest the West Coast 250 Supercross tour for the American branch of JDR Motorsports, and is under the eyes of Nate Ramsey as he learns the ropes.

How has your transition to being in America fulltime gone?

I wouldn’t say I am in America fulltime, but I will definitely be here fulltime for Supercross and see how it goes for motocross. The transition has been good. I have been fortunate to come here previous times over the years and get the feel for the things, and now here I am in the big smoke trying to make a living. It’s a dream come true really, so I can’t complain. Other than missing my country and my beautiful girlfriend and that, it is a little sacrifice for a big reward.

You are pretty young, right, only around 20? How hard is it to be in the United States, essentially by yourself?

For me, not hard. I left home pretty young and I guess you could say I get my shit sorted at a young age. It has been easy. I traveled the world and never really rang mom and dad to get me out of shit. I have just dealt with it and it has made me more of a man. In Australia, if you’re not a man, then you don’t really stand for anything. And that ultimately has been my goal in life: to be a man and do this kind of stuff without no one’s help.

Your American debut was a little rough at Lake Elsinore, to say the least. What have you taken away from being in America for a few months now?

Yeah, that first round sucked. I smashed myself. I knock myself out in the first one, but then I got back on the bike. On the first jump, I went to jump again and I just wasn’t thinking right (Laughs). I guess I took away that these guys are mad, just mad as a cut snake. They are the best in the world, no argument, but I am trying to become one of the best. I just need to train and get my stuff together for clean races.

Do you have a lot of American-style Supercross experience?

Yeah. I’m young, but I have been doing this sport for 15 years. I have a lot of experience in Australia. You know, we’re not the fastest dudes, but we still have a lot of experience, and we wake up to live, eat, and breathe motocross. We train, but we just aren’t the big smoke like these guys. My Supercross experience, it is pretty good. Obviously, there are a lot of other cats out there with bad skills on a bike.

Having the full J-Star team and a guy like Nate Ramsey, do you feel you have progressed a lot with the bike in the few months you have been in the States?

Yeah, 100-percent. Nate is a mad dude and we have grown a relationship. I like him and we get along really well. I think that is the main thing. To get along with the dude who is telling you how to ride, it is a good thing. If you don’t, there is going to be a problem.

What are your expectations for Supercross?

I really don’t know what my expectations are. I don’t want to be a slouch; I want to get good starts and make every main, but it doesn’t always work that way, which I found out at Lake Elsinore.