Monday Kickstart : November 19th, 2012


To fulfill his dreams of making a living as a professional race, Weston Peick must take the road less traveled. A full privateer in every sense of the word, Peick and his father, Lou, have taken on the AMA tours with fewer resources than most. To help fund the coming year, Weston becomes a familiar face at the many European SX races, where he is the easy favorite. He his back in the States for a limited time preparing for the new year, before he will board another plane and head to Greece in December.

How have you been? 

I have been good, just getting ready for Supercross with riding and training. That has been about it.

Will it be a full privateer program again for next year? 

Yeah, as of now it will be a full privateer program. I am working with some people that have money back in Texas. I am trying to get through to him and build my own team, if it works out. We would have our own rig and be the Peick Racing Team.

You would be in for the full year?

Yeah, if the money comes through, we will do Supercross and outdoors. But, if it is just me as a privateer, I will do just Supercross only, the full 17-stops.

Talk about your weekend in Finland. Congrats on the win.

That was my third time going to Finland. It’s cool to go over there, because it has a little bit different atmosphere and is a little better than other countries I have been to. Harri Kullas, a GP rider, and me battled a bit a few times, but I took the win every single time I was out there. It was pretty fun and I made a little bit of money.

With it being European Supercross, racing on tight tracks indoors, do you have to switch your riding style up at all?

I just run it. I show up there and they have a brand-new stock bike there for me. I run it with stock suspension and do what I have to do, hoping that everything works out.

How are the tracks?

The tracks are actually in hockey arenas, so if you can imagine that, just four small lanes in a tiny box. That is pretty much it. The dirt in Finland is like riding on Play-Doh; it gets super rutted and is not fun. The Finnish riders aren’t the best, so you have to watch out when you are coming through the pack. You have to watch out when you are passing riders, and you can’t even pass them because they are going all over the track.

It seems like a decent payday for a weekend’s work; you won 4500 Euros for the event. How much of that goes into your American racing program once it is transferred to dollars?

I actually won about 3500 Euros; they paid me back for my flight when I got there. I came out with about 4400 American Dollars when I cashed out. All of the money I make and that I have ever made goes back into racing. It’s not like I have my own personal funds and then racing funds; it all goes in and out of one account.

This will be your fourth year as a fulltime professional?

Yeah, and my third in Supercross.

How has it gone and what would you like to do? You obviously have the skill, as you have shown you can run up front in both outdoors and Supercross. Is there an interest from teams or do you want it to stay just you and your Dad?

I would love to ride for a team. I don’t know why I have so much trouble finding a team. I do everything right and my results are always good. I am positive about a lot of things and always get in a get out at the races. I haven’t been able to quite figure it out. With the results I had last year and in years before, I still can’t pick up a decent satellite team. I just keep doing what I have to do, since I can’t control what team managers think or do. As of now, it is just my Dad and I.

Do many satellite teams reach out to you, or is it dead air?

I spoke to a few teams for 2013 that were new teams coming out, but they were trying to put money together. It is not looking like it is promising. It is a weird deal. I have never been called to ride for a team, aside from when I got the fill-in ride with Star/Valli. Other than that, I have never had a call from a team.

In one year you did both the privateer and satellite routes. How much different is it to just show up and race on the weekends compared to pulling everything together?

It is so much easier to fly in, have someone pick you up at the airport, go look at the track, then go to the hotel. It is so much easier than when you are a privateer. When you are a privateer, you’ll fly in during the week, have to rebuild the bike yourself, more wear and tear on your body. It is hard doing 17-rounds on your own.