Monday Kickstart : November 5th, 2012


Photos by Cole King

Fast old dudes from around the globe converged on the legendary Glen Helen Raceway Park this weekend for the MTA Vet World Championships. The action on the track was intense as always, and the spectators lined the gate for the always-exciting 30-Plus Pro class. Won last year by Ryan Hughes aboard a borrowed Honda, this year’s field included the defending champ on a new Suzuki that he built especially for the race, plus surprise entrants Ivan Tedesco and Travis Preston, plus regular front-runners Doug Dubach and Mike Sleeter. In the end, Hughes successfully defended his championship with 3-1 finishes, topping Tedesco’s 2-2 and Preston’s 3-1. Dubach was fifth behind KTM’s Mike Sleeter, but he also trounced the field in the 40-Plus Pro class to earn his 20th Vet World Championship title…

Ryan Hughes used 3-1 moto scores to top the 30-Plus Pro class at the MTA Vet World Championships, held at Glen Helen Raceway Park.

30 PRO

1. Ryan Hughes (Suz)

2. Ivan Tedesco (Kaw)

3. Travis Preston (Yam)

4. Mike Sleeter (KTM)

5. Doug Dubach (Yam)

6. Chris Keefer (Hon)

7. Dennis Stapleton (Kaw)

8. Mark Tilley (Kaw)

9. Beau Baron (Hon)

10. Scotty Trimble (Suz)


Rumors that former 250 National and West Coast SX Lites Champion Ivan Tedesco was going to race proved true when Hot Sauce showed up to make his vet-class debut. Tedesco raced a Pro Circuit Kawasaki KX450F to second overall.
The fastest rider of the weekend was Travis Preston, the former 125cc West Coast Supercross Champion. Presto came through the field and won moto one by nearly 20 seconds. A crash with Hughes in the second moto, though, held him to fifth and third overall.
Doug Dubach won the 40-plus Pro class and in doing so, earned his 20th Vet World Championship. Dr. D also showed up in the 30-Plus Pro class and finished fifth against the “kids.”