Monday Kickstart : November 5th, 2012


Take a close look at Doug Dubach’s race bike, and you’ll see the catalog of DRD parts and accessories. Eagle-eyed readers will notice the wraparound exhaust system, which exits the rear of the cylinder, and – instead of making the “tornado” loop” and exiting the rear – wraps around the left side of the cylinder, around the front, and out the right side. The left-side radiator must be modified to accommodate the exhaust, which is said to help improve handling by locating the muffler further forward.
This photo contains three of our favorite guys in all of motocross. Mike Sleeter (111) is a long-time TransWorld Motocross test rider. These days, he heads up the KTM Orange Brigade amateur program and is an integral player in KTM’s R&D department. Mark Tilley (42) is an Associate Editor at Dirt Bike Magazine, who cut his teeth through the years as a Dirt Bike test rider and also Marketing Manager at Dubach Racing. His son Jacob is bound to be a speedster, and we can’t wait to see if Tilley becomes a mini dad extraordinaire. On the right is Alan Olson, multi-time Vet World Champion and overall badass. Alan wrenched for Chad Reed during his 2004 championship season and was named AMA Mechanic of the Year. This weekend, Olson wrenched for his long-time friend Doug Dubach. If you ever see Alan in the pits, do yourself and introduce yourself…he’s one of the coolest guys you’ll ever meet.
Travis Preston spanked everyone in the first 30-plus Pro moto by a good margin, proving that he still has the speed that he’s always been known for. These days, Presto divides his time between testing for the JGR Yamaha team and running the Travis Preston MX School.
Since spending the summer racing the 250 Nationals as a fill-in rider for the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki team, Ivan Tedesco has been continuing to help the team with some pre-season testing. No word yet on whether Hot Sauce has found a ride for 2013, but he did have full Pro Circuit support at Glen Helen.
Mitch Payton even came out to watch Tedesco make his Vet-class debut at Glen Helen. Lucky for Tedesco, Mike Alessi is a little too young for the Vet World Championships. Kidding, Mikey…