Monday Kickstart – November 7, 2011

Former desert racer Chris Blais attended the event and brought his Dakar Rally bike to put on display. Recently, the Dakar event made it mandatory for racers to ride aboard 450cc four-strokes rather than the bigger 700-950cc machines. "Even though the bigger bikes were faster, they were almost safer," Blais said. "You could hit huge rocks with the big bike and not even get kicked around. We'd finish days during the event and the mechanics would cut out the spokes, keep the hubs, and throw out the rim."
There are even vintage bikes on display inside the store, adding to the coolness factor.
Team TLD/Lucas Oils semi driver Corey Martin (left) attended the opening to take a break from the busy job of prepping and cleaning the team's rig for the upcoming season. "There's still a lot of work to do even though the season is over," Corey said.
At how many clothing stores do you see a 250cc four-stroke motor on the same display table as fancy jeans?