Monday Kickstart: October 29th, 2012

Welcome to this week’s Kickstart, presented by One Industries. The pace of work has been non-stop at the TW offices lately, as we recently closed our December issue and now face January’s deadlines, which will include the Racer and FMXer of the Year. Who do you think will land the covers?

Last Wednesday, we premiered the latest in the Kickstart DVD series, Kickstart 4: The Final Chapter, at Marquee 15 in Corona, CA. If you were unable to make it out or would like proof that people wear pick-up kits, see our recap at

Travis Baker
Travis Baker will compete aboard a Valli Motor Sports Yamaha YZ250F in 2013.

Before heading to our movie, we spotted Travis Baker on a Valli Yamaha YZ450F. Valli and Star have recently ended their partnership and Baker is the first to commit to the Colorado race team. Check the Randy Robert’s video for proof

Finally, Swap tossed his video camera aside for a Canon EOS Mark III and caught Jeremy McGrath in action while at the DC gear launch. You know you want to see this

There is plenty to see and do in this week’s Kickstart, including more about the DC gear, A Day in the Dirt, numerous interviews, a rundown of the 2013 GP schedule, and more. Get to gettin’…