Monday Kickstart Presented By ONE Industries

Welcome to Monday Kickstart, presented by our friends at One Industries. It’s been a nice, long and relaxing weekend for the TransWorld Motocross crew, as we all got to spend Christmas among our families and friends. It certainly seems like time flies when you’re having fun, and it’s a known fact that we have a lot of fun putting together the world’s best-selling motocross magazine. It seems like just the other day that we were handing out candy to trick or treaters, and now, Christmas is a fading memory and Anaheim 1 is a mere two weeks away!

Swap sent out a text message to some of the contacts on his phone, asking, “What was the best present that you gave or got this year?” Here are some of the responses we got…


“I bought a new mountain bike for my girlfriend, so that we can go riding together. We can stay in shape and ride the dogs around at the same time!” – Todd Potter, X Games Gold Medalist

“My favorite gift that I gave this year was a wine refrigerator for my mom. The best gift I got was from my girlfriend: she gave me Anaheim Ducks tickets.” – Travis Baker, Lucas Oils/Troy Lee Designs/Honda

“I got me a pet wombat!” – Blake “Bilko” Williams, X Games Gold Medalist and Reknowned Ostrich Seducer

“I got my parents a new Apple computer for Christmas. Their old one was stuck on struggle street!” – Tommy Hahn, Motoconcepts/Yamaha

“I got a sweet new fishing pole! I gave my parents fresh new kicks and flights to come watch me and Tommy race at Anaheim 1.” – Wil Hahn, Geico Powersports/Honda

“I bought Vincent an electric quad and a work bench. Mini thinks he is a quad god and a mechanic, all in one. He’s only one-year-old, so he is going to be trouble. We’ve also been tearing up the hills by our house on a sled. Check it!” – Nick Wey, Valli Motorsports/Yamaha


“No great gifts, but Carter and I did enjoy perfect conditions up in Phelan for some moto and trail riding. Carter said, ‘This is the best gift ever!'” – Doug Dubach, Dubach Racing Development


“Matching PJs for the entire family!” – Mitch Payton, Pro Circuit

“iTunes gift cards are the best presents to give and receive, because everyone can use them. And, if you forgot anyone on your list, you can pass the ones¬† you got, right along to the next person.” – James Stewart, San Manuel/Yamaha

“I gave a box of wine and a Snuggie. I got a personalized putter from Paul at Scotty Cameron!” – Sean Hamblin, retired male model


“I got a University of Florida Snuggie!” – Jessica Patterson, DNA Shred Stix/Star Racing/Yamaha


“I got Evan a Squared BMX bike.¬† The kid is pumped!” – Tim Ferry, retired MX Legend

“I gave an iPad, and I got an iPad!” – Nathan Ramsey, JDR Motorsports/KTM

“We just did gifts for the kids this year, so no gifts for me except my little boy who is expected to make his debut any day now! Emma’s favorite gift from Momma and Daddy is her little girl camera. I did win the famliy domino tournament, though” – Andrew Short, Red Bull/KTM

“The best gift I gave was a Louis Vuitton purse to my girlfriend Courtney, and she gave me a massage at the day spa. Massages never get old!” – Lance Coury, FMX Hero and Motogate Peddler


“I got tickets to the Lakers game on January 4th!” – David Vuillemin, Motoconcepts/Yamaha


“I got this in Japan and gave it to my dad as one of his gifts from me! It was so sick that I wanted to keep it for my house, though! Haha!” – Ronnie Faisst, FMX Legend

“I gave my brother a Honda CRF450R, and my championship jersey, all framed up.” – Trey Canard, Team Honda


“My favorite stuff was informercial presents! I got a Fushigi and a Shake Weight!” – Sean Borkenhagen, Team Rockwell

“I got a pair of Ugg Boots from Australia, and I gave away a cool guitar.” – Dan Reardon

“I have a ‘Tuggie,’ which is a Snuggie for your weiner, at my family’s Christmas exchange. Brit’s parents got Brit and I an iPad!” – Kyle Chisholm, Motoconcepts/Yamaha


“I gave my nephews (6 and 7 years old) some bmx bikes this year. They love them! The best present I ever got was a 2000 Suzuki RM250 two-stroke when I was 15 and just starting my FMX career. My pops got it for me and it was the first brand new bike I ever had. I don’t have any pics, sorry, but I’d probably be doing a can can or a no footer, so it’s for the better!” – Nate Adams, FMX Gold Medalist, Deft Familie


“My favorite gift that I gave was to my step dad, whose last name is Moore. He’s done everything for me since I was 10, so I framed three jerseys for him with a special message at the bottom.” – Justin Brayton, JGR/Yamaha

“My mom and dad got me a ping pong table!” – Justin Barcia, Geico Powersports/Honda

“The best gift I got was time to spend with the family. The best gift I gave was a special kind of wine for my mom.” – Andy Bakken, Answer Racing


“I gave the wife some Frye boots and I got Apple TV! Here’s some of the other stuff I got.” – Michael Byrne

“I gave my parents and brother a ping pong table, and I got hot pink my rims for the truck!” – Ashley Fiolek, Team Red Bull


“The best gifts I gave were hug coupons! The best gift I got was a new puppy!” – Adam Cianciarulo, Monster Energy Kawasaki

“I got a humidified glass case to have up some of my guitars in, inside my house!” – Adam Jones, FMX Hero


“I got a sweet Christmas sweater!” – Kyle Regal, San Manuel/Yamaha