Monday Kickstart Presented By ONE Industries – Anaheim 1 SX

Holy sh@*, the 2011 Supercross season is here! Anaheim 1 definitely lived up to the hype, and it seems we have an exciting season ahead of us. As you can imagine, we submersed ourselves in the sights and sounds inside Angel Stadium all day and night, and we have it all for you in the subsequent pages. Check out all of the photos, and be sure to check out our new race day feature, Behind Bars, which takes a closer look into the pros’ bikes through the eyes of their mechanic. This week, we have James Stewart’s Behind Bars, Chad Reed’s Behind Bars, and Broc Tickle’s Behind Bars.

One of the first guys we ran into inside the Angels Stadium pits is our old friend Chris "Dang" McAvoy. Formerly Team Manager of the now defunct Yamaha of Troy and J-Law Racing teams, Dang is now a member of San Manuel/Red Bull/Yamaha, where he looks after Kyle Regal's bikes and works between the team and Yamaha. It's good to see that McAvoy landed a sweet gig after J-Law Racing tanked.
We spied Valli Motorsports Yamaha mechanic Phil Perry drilling holes in the fuel tank brackets of Nick Wey's Yamaha YZ450F. At first, we joked that he was taking extreme measures to cut weight...
...but it was, actually, to help hold the fuel tank cowlings of Wey's Yamaha YZ450F in place. "Nick grips so hard with his knees, that he can actually pull them off the bike," said Perry. "I run a little safety wire to keep them in place."
Austin Stroupe's mechanic Keith Burns is in his second year with the Valli Motorsports Yamaha team and, like McAvoy, is an alumni of the Yamaha of Troy squad. Burnsy is one of the coolest guys in the pits.
Supercross lives on Speed, but the riders are anonymous.
Ken Roczen's Red Bull KTM 250SX-F is equipped with a KTM accessory electric start. We tried to take a peek at the weigh in results, but team engine builder Ian Harrison nabbed the bike off the stand before we could. Afterwards, he was smug and tight lipped about it.
Belgian MX1 World Championship contender Clement DeSalle was on hand as a spectator at Anaheim 1. The "MX Panda" is in California for a week of testing and training, but has no plans of getting his feet wet in American Supercross.