Monday Kickstart – R.A.D. Amateur Freestyle and Award Show

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. After these two forthcoming weekends, which will quickly pass with the aid of the holidays, Anaheim One will finally be upon us. Nine months of travel can make even the most diehard among us weary of another flight or hotel bed, but it is safe to say that every one of us in the office is hyped for the approaching season. This weekend we got “back to the grind,” as we covered the first annual R.A.D. Amateur Freestyle and Award Show, saw a preview of the latest products from EVS Sports, and talked with Justin Bogle.

Catching Up With Justin Bogle

The fact that he barnstormed the Lites class the instant he made his pro debut has focused all eyes on Justin Bogle as we approach the Supercross series. The Oklahoman has been hammering out laps at the various test tracks and already looks up to speed as the moment of truth comes closer. We caught up with Bogle to see how the transition to the technical obstacles is coming along last week after a session at Milestone.

How are you feeling as you come in to your rookie Supercross season?

I feel good. We got some testing in, got some work to do still definitely, but I’m feeling good coming in. I have a great team and group of people that are here to help me out. I’m here in California now, hitting the tracks here to get used to the Supercross scene.

How is the change from Oklahoma to here? With everything being so close and fast paced here compared to there, have you gotten overwhelmed by it?

It is good because I didn’t change any of my routine. I go ride, hit the gym to workout, and then do whatever. It is a change of pace, because in Oklahoma riding wise, we have Trey’s house, and when we hit that it is just me and a couple of other people. It is a little bit different, but I am getting used to it.

For this being your first year, have you set high expectations for yourself? Aside from the Mini O’s, there is limited Supercross available for an amateur to do, so you are coming in fresh.

I want to be up front, and with the team I am on, I know that I have the equipment and resources that I need to be up there.

Have you found out what coast you will be riding on?

I do not know where I will be riding yet, but I don’t really care. Wherever they want me is where I’m going, because I am cool with anything.


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