Monday Kickstart – Red Bud MX 2012

Not only did Red Bud usher in some intense heat, it also welcomed back a score of racers coming back from injury, including Tyla Rattray, James Stewart, and Christian Craig. And, as always, the Buchanan, Michigan, track served up a perfect track and a host a crazy fans willing to beat the heat. Yet again, Ryan Dungey and Blake Baggett took the top honors in their respective classes, but not before we all witnessed some amazing racing. Check out some shots from the day, and stay tuned for a Pit Pass video and more from the most patriotic race of the season.

Despite the intense heat, the hillsides were packed with fans. Shirtless. drunk, sunburned, and totally pumped about it. Hats off to 'em…
The dirt at Red Bud is second to none. It develops deep ruts while maintaining good traction for the riders. Rarely does it dry out to dusty levels. Most riders consider it to be one of, if not the, best tracks on the circuit.
The heat has been a relative nonissue so far in the 2012 pro motocross series, but it definitely made its presence known in Buchanan, Michigan. WIth a heat index in the triple digits, keeping cool was an absolute must. Many riders in both classes choose to wear cooling vests prior to the moto, including Eli Tomac and James Stewart. The vest keep the core temperature down as long as possible before the gate drops and the riders are on their own.


MotoConcepts' Jake Canada chose more remedial forms of keeping cool, opting for the wet cloth over the head.