Monday Kickstart – Red Bud MX 2012

At 47 years old, John "The Junkyard Dog" Dowd lined up at Red Bud in hopes at scoring a few points in yet another year of his marathon career. As well, he brought his son to compete during the amateur racing days before and after the professional races. We will likely see Dowd at his home track of Southwick in the coming weeks.


As the official energy drink, Red Bull also has a few Nationals where they are the presenting title sponsor. And since this was the Red Bull Red Bud National, RB's skydiving team dropped into the track before the gates dropped at the beginning of the day.


The crowd at Red Bud is almost as exciting as the racing. Can you spot the female Buddha and her unorthodox pedestal?


Malcolm Stewart's struggles in Supercross have continued into the outdoors. Although he has shown flashes of brilliance, his potential has greatly remained just that: potential. His raw talent on the motorcycle hasn't translated into results so far in 2012. The younger Stewart brother ended his day at Red Bud with 14th overall.