The MotoConcepts team showed their Patriotism with one-off graphics. Since Red Bud falls on the 4th of July weekend, it is always a stars-and-stripes affair.

This year, Red Bud gave away an ant farm, or rather, a piece of the adored track as a trophy to each of the top three. It's unique, we will give them that.

John Dowd wasn't the only "ol' man" to line up for some Red Bud action. Mike Brown, fresh off of his X Games EnduroX gold domination, came out to score some points in the 450 class. After riding quite well early in the first moto, Brown had bike problems and failed to complete the moto. His second moto didn't go much better, but the crowd was extremely pumped to see him out there spinning laps with the young bucks.


See you at Millville!