Monday Kickstart: Salt Lake City 2012

By Michael Antonovich

Photos by Jeff Kardas and Michael Antonovich

Just when we think the season cannot have anymore happen, it does. In Salt Lake City, we saw a slew of riders join the injured list, two thrilling main events, and the crowning of a champion. Read on to see what went down in Utah.

The weather this year was sunny and warm, a stark contrast to years past in SLC. Residents that we spoke to said that the temperature has repeatedly hit the 80 degree mark this spring.
After 16 rounds of racing, we have to say that the fans at Salt Lake were the most polite and welcoming of the season. Could it be because of the lack of alcohol and black socks? Tough call.
The smells from this roasted pig made up for the sight of it.
Dunlop is the tire of choice by most teams and while many are comfortable with the tire in typical trim, such as Wil Hahn and Travis Baker, some still alter the rubber to fit their needs.
Dean Wilson prefers to have small grooves and holes cut into the side knobs. This is the same model Dunlop as the one shown in the previous picture.
Marvin Musquin notched the fastest overall lap in Lites qualifying, but was unable to produce the same results when the night show came. Musquin was bumped and banged by Martin Davalos and finished fifth in the main event.
Christian Craig made the trip to SLC and was on hand to sign autographs at the Troy Lee Designs rig. Craig stated that he was supposed to be cleared to begin riding this past week but his doctors are still hesitant and advised against it, as one strong impact to the wrist could restart the process.