Monday Kickstart: Spring Creek 2012

Hungover from a weekend at RedBud, the outdoor series hit Minnesota for the Spring Creek classic and seventh round of the year. There is nothing else witty to say for this introduction, so start scrolling.

We have hit the point in the year when negotiations between riders and teams start to gain momentum (Although we can say with a down economy, they never really end). We chatted with more than a few team managers regarding acquisitions for next year, and the progress is mixed for all. Some riders are locked in for 2013, others have letters of intention, and the rest are counting their bargaining chips.
After sitting out the first half of the season, Justin Bogle returned to action at Millville. The GEICO Powersports Honda rider claimed eight overall with 10-8 scores, despite a case of arm pump he stated was the worst he ever had.
Nick Wey suffered a horrendous get-off in the first moto that sent the Michigan Mafia leader's bike into the creek next to the sand whoops. Wey was placed on a backboard and taken to the nearby Mayo Clinic, where he underwent an operation to repair his broken hip. Wey's mechanic, Big Nasty of Mandingo Pickle fame, tweeted that Wey was in good spirits and his normal, quick witted self. Heal up, NYK!
With his hometown only a handful of hours away, Justin Brayton had a good chunk of family and friends in attendance. Brayton's 4-4 finishes gave him fourth overall, his second top-five in two weeks.
The sand based soil had many riders searching for the right tire setup. Widely spaced lugs were de rigueur ("required" for the layfolk), but some opted for a pattern with a slight paddle to it, shown here.