More From Minnesota: Jeff Kardas Photos Of 2013 Minneapolis SX

Minneapolis’ Metrodome was given a fitting farewell from the Monster Energy Supercross Series, as the best race of the season thus far closed a chapter in the sport’s history to the historic venue. Supercross events had taken place for years inside the air-roof stadium, including Ryan Dungey’s first-ever Supercross as part of the KTM JR Supercross Challenge. With all of Minneapolis’ sporting events taking place in open-air venues until construction of the new Vikings Stadium is complete in 2014, we are not sure when racing will return to the city, as weather this time of year is much to unstable to plan a race. Until we are back to the city for Supercross, enjoy these images by Jeff Kardas and dial in the track on your scratched copy of “Supercross 2000.” See you at Millville…

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