Paris-Bercy Supercross 2012


Heat Races

Brayton and Weimer claimed the first two heat race wins before a new challenger emerged in Christophe Pourcel. Pourcel, the two-time East Coast Lites Supercross champion, took the final heat race win over Soubeyras and Tomac and showed that he still has the prowess needed for SX.

Heat One

1. Justin Brayton

2. Greg Aranda

3. Cyrille Coulon

4. Eric Sorby

Heat Two

1. Jake Weimer

2. Kyle Chisholm

3. Wil Hahn

4. Charles Lefrancois

Heat Three

1. Christophe Pourcel

2. Cedric Soubeyras

3. Eli Tomac

4. Fabien Izoird

Eli Tomac


Weimer once again took the Elimination round win, this time over the US only field of Chisholm, Brayton, and Tomac.

1. Jake Weimer

2. Kyle Chisholm

3. Justin Brayton

4. Eli Tomac



The repetition from the night before continued in Superpole, as Tomac again clocked the fastest time. A mistake by Weimer in the final turn sent him off the track and into the surrounding airbags, where he was then thrown from the bike. He would come away unscathed, but his lap was voided.

1. Eli Tomac 41.786

2. Justin Brayton 42.683

3. Christophe Pourcel 42.965

4. Fabien Izoird 43.259

5. Kyle Chisholm 43.429

Jake Weimer

450 Main

Unfazed by his Superpole crash, Weimer led the pack to the first turn and motored away with Tomac again in tow. Saturday’s main would not be as close as Friday, as Weimer again deflected Tomac’s bids for the spot. A podium finish by Brayton would keep the order of the top-three identical heading into the final night. The main event was not without issue, as Pourcel mistimed the whoop section and was ejected from his bike, resulting in an overnight hospital stay.

1. Jake Weimer

2. Eli Tomac

3. Justin Brayton

4. Kyle Chisholm

5. Cedric Soubeyras

6. Cyrille Coulon

7. Wil Hahn

8. Fabien Izoird

9. Charles Lefrancois

10. Christophe Martin

Valentin Teillet

250 Main

Sallefranque and Teillet would swap main event victories again on Saturday night, with Sallefranque again taking the overall. After a much closer second place finish, it seemed that Tyler Villopoto was starting to find a rhythm, but a crash in the second moto of the night would end his night and weekend. Early word stated that a broken kneecap was the injury.

1. Josse Sallefranque

2. Valentin Teillet

3. Adrien Lopes

4. Romain Berthome

5. Jean-Baptiste Marrone