Paris-Bercy Supercross 2012


450 Class Podium

Heat Races

Cedric Soubeyras claimed the first heat win of Sunday night over Chisholm and Hahn, Weimer continued his streak of heat wins, and Tomac finished ahead of Brayton in the final heat of the weekend.

Heat One

1. Cedric Soubeyras

2. Kyle Chisholm

3. Wil Hahn

4. Cyrille Coulon

Heat Two

1. Jake Weimer

2. Greg Aranda

3. Christophe Martin

4. Charles Lefrancois

Heat Three

1. Eli Tomac

2. Justin Brayton

3. Fabien Izoird

4. Loci Rombault

Jake Weimer


Weimer’s streak of wins was not limited to just the heat races, as he bested every rider in the Elimination battles. Sunday’s race would have two Frenchmen, Soubeyras and Aranda, separating Weimer and Tomac in the results.

1. Jake Weimer

2. Cedric Soubeyras

3. Greg Aranda

4. Eli Tomac


Tomac had a perfect weekend of his own, as he clocked the fastest laps of all three Superpole events. Tomac dropped into the 41 second range both Saturday and Sunday night, a mark no other rider could match, and left France 3000 Euros richer for it.

1. Eli Tomac 41.977

2. Jake Weimer 42.615

3. Greg Aranda 43.078

4. Cedric Soubeyras 43.662

5. Justin Brayton 43.763

Inside the Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy

450 Main

The final race of the night was Jake Weimer’s to win, but it nearly was thrown away by a crash in the slick whoops. With Weimer out of the lead, Tomac blasted away and took his lone main event win of the weekend. The crash knocked Weimer back to third, and with Tomac in the lead, it looked like there would be a shift in the final standings. With laps to go, Weimer moved past Brayton for the spot and became the King of Bercy at the final flag.

1. Eli Tomac

2. Jake Weimer

3. Justin Brayton

4. Cedric Soubeyras

5. Fabien Izoird

6. Wil Hahn

7. Cyrille Coulon

8. Christophe Martin

9. Charles Lefrancois

10. Jason Clermont


1. Jake Weimer 1-1-2

2. Eli Tomac 2-2-1

3. Justin Brayton 3-3-3

4. Cedric Soubeyras 5-5-4

5. Wil Hahn 6-7-6

6. Cyrille Coulon 7-6-7

7. Kyle Chisholm 4-4-14

8. Fabien Izoird 10-8-5

9. Charles Lefrancois 8-9-9

10. Christophe Martin 15-10-8

Valentin Teillet


Teillet swept the 250 class on Sunday, but his finishes would not be enough to overcome the consistency of Josse Sallefranque. Sallefranque was a tick off Teillet’s race winning pace throughout the weekend, but was much more consistent than his competitor in all six motos.

1. Vallentin Teillet

2. Romain Berthome

3. Josse Sallefranque

4. Mike Valade

5. Ludovic Macler


1. Josse Sallefranque

2. Vallentin Teillet

3. Romain Berthome

4. Mike Valade

5. Ludovic Macler