Phoenix Supercross Redux

Rockstar Energy Racing’s Davi Millsaps may not have backed up his A1 win with another victory, but he definitely solidified his status as an early front-runner and viable championship candidate. If he maintains his motivation and focus, DM18 will be a force all season. Although he has had his share of injuries, Millsaps has been good throughout his Supercross career at keeping it on two wheels and the crashes to a minimum.
Honda Muscle Milk’s Justin Barcia is riding like he has something to prove. If it weren’t for a missed shift/false neutral in Angel Stadium, Barcia’s win in Phoenix may have been his second straight podium. BamBam clicked off fast laps consistently from his holeshot to the checkered flag, only backing it off on the last lap when he knew he had the win. Honda has to be pleased with their young star; Barcia is clearly driven to win, and has no intention of veering from his goals.
Ricky Carmichael, aside RCH wrench Kyle Bentley, observed the entire field of riders during track walk. His commentary on the broadcasts has been quite insightful, so we can only imagine how much of an asset he is to Broc Tickle and Josh Hill.
BTO Sports has taken a cue from the energy drinks, hosting promo models at many, if not most, of the events they attend. These young (ish) ladies braced the chilly Phoenix weather all day next to the BTO race truck.
Jeff Emig and Ralph Sheheen chose to broadcast in front of the curious crowd in the Phoenix pits Saturday afternoon to film their pre-show analyses. We came over to heckle, but decided they had enough distractions to deal with.