Phoenix Supercross Redux

Ryan Villopoto crashed three times at Anaheim I, which was not only uncharacteristic, but also devastating to momentum. RV2 really needed to rebound in Phoenix in order to reestablish himself as the man to beat. While he was fast in practice, he still had some miscues during racing. He did manage to scrape out second place, despite what looks to be some disagreement between rider and machine. Is it just us, or did RV2 have a tough time keeping that front end planted?
Good sportmans RV2 and Justin Barcia exchanged pleasantries after Barcia’s win in the main event. It’s good to see in a time where riders keep their cards so close to the chest.
Keepin’ it clean. Chad Reed’s tour bus is absent of opulent graphics, and we are kinda into it. Maybe needs some neon undercarriage lighting, though…
Avid motorsports enthusiast and baseball pitching legend “The Big Unit” Randy Johnson can usually be spotted at Phoenix Supercross snapping photos. He may have thrown heaters in Major League Baseball for years, but now he snaps photos to keep busy.