Race Report – Millville

Words: Michael Antonovich
Photos: Kinman

The Lucas Oils AMA Outdoor Nationals came back from vacation and made its way to John Martin’s Spring Creek MX Park a few weeks earlier than usual. Fans cluttered the two lane road outside the track as they waited to get inside and see the world’s best terrorize the sand and hills, with some ditching the typical shorts and tee shirts for jeans or long sleeves. The overcast sky hung around and shed a few rain drops towards the end of practice, but held out and kept us from witnessing another mud bath, a la 2007. While we have to wait and see the amateur debuts until Unadilla, the racing still had plenty of buzz behind it to keep fans busy. Read on for all the details as we saw them from Millville, Minnesota and round seven of the outdoor series.

450 Moto One
As soon as the gate clanked to the ground for the first 450 moto of the day, the quiet hills of rural Minnesota became a booming amphitheatre of four stroke power. The field charged down the straight and into the narrow right-hander, with Rockstar/Makita Suzuki’s Chad Reed grabbing the holeshot with Job Gibbs Yamaha rider Josh Grant and Red Bull Honda’s Ivan Tedesco close in tow. Reed’s time up front would be relatively short lived, as Grant picked up where he left off and Red Bud and powered around Reed for the position. Around six seconds behind them in the early laps of the race, teammates Tedesco and Millsaps started a battle of their own with Millsaps gaining the edge before his Honda pulled off the track and into the mechanic’s area. Red Bull Honda had a three man train until that point, until the wheels seemed to fall off and Motosport/Canidae Kawasaki’s Tommy Hahn and CR22’s teammate Michael Byrne both took the positions of the red riders. Byrne would show Hahn a wheel for numerous laps before making the pass for the final podium spot.
The lead of Grant and Reed was gigantic, at nearly a full minute over third place by moto’s end, and regained attention when Reed closed the gap and looked like he could make a move for Grant’s spot. It seemed like the opportunity would come on the last lap, but Grant held him off and took the checkered flag with a 1.738 second lead. Byrne pushed until the end over Hahn for third, and his Suzuki made its presence known after it broke off the Pro Circuit exhaust and increased the decibel level. In a notable lion heart ride, Suzuki City rider Matt Goerke came from a first lap fall to ninth, and his back and jersey showed evidence he may have been used for traction.

Moto One Results
1.    Josh Grant
2.    Chad Reed
3.    Michael Byrne
4.    Tommy Hahn
5.    Ivan Tedesco
6.    Andrew Short
7.    Justin Brayton
8.    Nick Wey
9.    Matt Goerke
10.    Josh Hill

450 Moto Two
After a disappointing first race, Ivan Tedesco was dead set on making a statement, and his holeshot was the perfect way to accomplish it. As he piloted his Red Bull Honda to the lead with Chad Reed and Jagermeister/MDK/KTM rider Justin Brayton close by, first moto winner Josh Grant found himself in a pile in the ground and in dead last. Grant remounted in a furious blitz from near fortieth position to tenth by motos end, passing nearly a dozen riders in just a handful of laps in wide open lines that others were ignoring. Grant’s riding made him clearly a fan favorite by the conclusion, as the fences swarmed with people cheered his every pass.
Tedesco’s teammate Davi Millsaps also suffered a DNF, due to bike problems, in the first moto, but he made an important pass on Brayton and locked himself into third, a clear improvement over the 33rd he started the day with. Fellow Factory Honda rider Andrew Short followed his lead, but Rockstar/Makita/Suzuki’s Michael Byrne would get around both Short and Brayton and chased after Millsaps. The last lap battle was a nail biter, and to hold on to his spot, Davi dumped the clutch and left Byrne behind.
The win and overall was easily Chad Reed’s, as the “Double Deuce” ran away from the pack like a rabbit from a hunter, and sailed over the finish and was nearly to the podium before runner up Tedesco. Chad will hold on to the lead for yet another weekend and his Suzuki will be outfitted with the red backgrounds yet again.

Moto Two Results

1.    Chad Reed
2.    Ivan Tedesco
3.    Davi Millsaps
4.    Michael Byrne
5.    Andrew Short
6.    Kyle Regal
7.    Justin Brayton
8.    Cody Cooper
9.    Nick Wey
10.    Josh Grant

450 Overall
1.    Chad Reed
2.    Ivan Tedesco
3.    Michael Byrne
4.    Josh Grant
5.    Andrew Short
6.    Justin Brayton
7.    Tommy Hahn
8.    Nick Wey
9.    Cody Cooper
10.    Davi Millsaps

450 Point Standings
1.    Chad Reed 287pts
2.    Andrew Short 250pts
3.    Ivan Tedesco 238pts
4.    Josh Grant 234pts
5.    Michael Byrne 183pts
6.    Cody Cooper 157pts
7.    Tommy Hahn 149pts
8.    Mike Alessi 142pts
9.    Ricky Dietrich 136pts
10.    Justin Brayton 127pts

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