Race Report: Phoenix Supercross

By Donn Maeda

Photos by Brendan Lutes

Ryan Dungey earned a spot in the motocross history books by winning the second round of the Monster Energy Supercross Series, giving the Austrian KTM marquee its first-ever win in the premier division. For the 2010 SX Champ, it was an easy start-to-finish romp, as he grabbed the holeshot and led every lap, uncontested aboard his KTM 450SX-F. Kawasaki’s Jake Weimer earned his first career podium finish by controlling the runner-up position throughout the 20-lap main, while defending Supercross Champion Ryan Villopoto put on an amazing charge through the pack after a first-lap crash to earn third. Leaving Phoenix, Dungey and Villopoto share the series points lead.

In the Supercross Lites division, Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s Dean Wilson assumed control of the lead on the first lap and raced off with a commanding win. France’s former MX2 World Champion Marvin Musquin held down second at the checkered flag and earned his first US Supercross podium, while Tyla Rattray earned third and took over the series points lead.


Lites Qualifying

Cole Seely snared the holeshot at the start of the first heat race, but fast qualifier Eli Tomac wasted little time taking control of the lead. Once out front, Tomac pulled away by tripling through a tricky rhythm section, and at the finish he enjoyed over four seconds on Seely, who held firm control of the runner-up position. Rockstar Suzuki’s Jason Anderson ran unchallenged in third throughout the race, while Max Anstie and Marvin Musquin overcame mediocre starts to round out the top three.

Heat One Results

1. Eli Tomac (Hon)

2. Cole Seely (Hon)

3. Jason Anderson (Suz)

4. Max Anstie (Hon)

5. Marvin Musquin (KTM)

6. Travis Baker (Hon)

7. Billy Laninovich (Hon)

8. Michael Leib (Hon)

9. Teddy Maier (Hon)


When the gate dropped at the start of the second Lites heat race, Rockstar Suzuki’s Marton Davalos led the pack through turn one, but his lead lasted less than two laps as he went down in a corner. Dean Wilson took over from there, and rode home with an uncontested win over his Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki teammate Tyla Rattray. MX2 GP contender Zach Osborne rode great en route to third, while Nico Izzi worked to a lonely fourth after a so so start. Privateer Scott Champion had a great ride and worked past Gareth Swanepoel for fifth at the checkered flag.

Heat Two Results

1. Dean Wilson (Kaw)

2. Tyla Rattray (Kaw)

3. Zach Osborne (Yam)

4. Nico Izzi (Yam)

5. Scott Champion (Hon)

6. Gareth Swanepoel (Yam).

7. Bruce Rutherford (Hon)

8. Vince Friese (Hon)

9. Jean Carlo Ramos (Hon)


Lites LCQ

Davalos holeshot the Lites LCQ and raced away with an easy win. Ryan Sipes and Matt Moss waged war over the final transfer spot; the two riders trading block passes a couple times before Moss ran it in too hard and took them both out, leaving the final transfer position to Adam Chatfield.

LCQ Results

1. Martin Davalos (Suz)

2. Adam Chatfeild (Hon)


Lites Main

Tyla Rattray grabbed the holeshot at the start of the 15-lap Lites main event, but Dean Wilson took control on the first lap and led the field to start lap two. Musquin also snuck past Rattray and into second, and the former World Champion did his best to stay glued to Wilson’s rear fender. By the fifth lap, Wilson enjoyed a three-second lead over Musquin, who in turn had a similar cushion over Rattray and Osborne, who battled over third. Anaheim 1 winner Seely suffered a mediocre start and worked into fifth, ahead of Tomac and Anderson.

Seely and Tomac both passed Osborne on the eighth lap to move into fourth and fifth, respectively. Tomac pressured Seely for several laps before stuffing his way past at home plate on the 13th lap, but that was as far as he’d worth through the field. At the checkered flag, Wilson enjoyed a commanding six-second lead over Musquin, Rattray, and Tomac. Rattray took over the series points lead with his third-place finish.

1. Dean Wilson
2. Marvin Musquin
3. Tyla Rattray
4. Eli Tomac
5. Cole Seely
6. Zach Osborne
7. Jason Anderson
8. Nico Izzi
9. Max Anstie
10. Travis Baker
11. Michael Leib
12. Billy Laninovich
13. Bruce Rutherford
14. Vince Friese
15. Teddy Maier
16. Scott Champion
17. Gareth Swanepoel
18. Jean Carlo Ramos
19. Adam Chatfield
20. Martin Davalos
250 Class West Coast Championship Standings (After 2 of 7 rounds)

1. Tyla Rattray (42pts)
2. Cole Seely (41pts/1 win)
3. Dean Wilson (40pts/1 win)
4. Marvin Musquin (40pts)
5. Eli Tomac (38pts)
6. Jason Anderson (28pts)
7. Zach Osborne (27pts)
8. Nico Izzi (22pts)
9. Travis Baker (22pts)
10. Max Anstie (17pts)

Top Lap Times
1. Eli Tomac 52.385
2. Dean Wilson 52.523
3. Cole Seely 52.554
4. Tyla Rattray 53.811
5. Marvin Musquin 53.024