Race Report: San Francisco SX

Race Report: San Francisco Supercross

Ignited by Ballpark

By Steve Matthes

Photos by Donn Maeda

As the riders headed into round four of the Monster Energy Supercross series in San Francisco, they feared that they would have to face the usual rain, slop and mud that the bay area usually throws at them. But, just like last week in Anaheim, the Dirt Wurx track crew did a fantastic job with the soil and despite the rains that fell the night before, the racers had a pretty good track to put  on a show. And what a show it was! Former Eastern Regional Supercross Lites Champion Trey Canard came away with his first win of the season, as did Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Ryan Villopoto.
Of course, the big news came on Friday night when a press release came out telling us that defending series champion, San Manuel Yamaha’s James Stewart, elected to get surgery on his damaged wrist and would be sitting out the San Francisco race and most likely, quite a few more. His absence, along with Chad Reed’s, blew the series wide open and assures us that we would have a first-time 450 Supercross champion in 2010.


It was a holeshot and wire to wire win for Monster Energy/Pro Circuit’s Jake Weimer in heat one. Jake, who had an undefeated season going on so far this year, was untouchable as he rode a perfect race and showed why he’s gone three for three so far. Behind him the action was fast and furious as privateers Ryan Clark, Phil Nicoletti and Antonio Balbi fought it out for the second spot. Lucas Oil/TLD Honda riders Cole Seely and Will Hahn had to work their way up the front after poor starts. Seely would go on to get second and Hahn fifth. Balbi was third in a good ride with Rockstar Suzuki’s Hunter Hewitt, Motoconcepts Yamaha’s Travis Baker, Chris Gosselaar, Clark and Nicoletti getting the final transfer spots.

DNA Energy/Star Racing’s Jake Anstie grabbed the holeshot in the second heat, but was immediately punted by Monster Energy/Pro Circuit’s (and fast qualifier) Josh Hansen in the second turn. The impact shot Anstie off the track and allowed GEICO Honda teammates Trey Canard and Blake Wharton to move into the first and second spots. Hansen made up for his lost spots by passing Wharton on lap two and chasing after Canard. Behind those three, DNA Energy/Star Racing’s Broc Tickle once again had a terrible start and was back in the pack with Anstie and those two had to work forward from there. Wharton went down late in the race and was forced to the LCQ along with BTOSports.com/BBMX’s Bobby KIniry. Canard would go on to take the win with Hansen, Motoconcepts Yamaha’s Jeff Alessi, Daniel Hendrix, Anstie, Tickle, Jake Canada and Jason Potter taking the top nine spots and a berth into the main event.

GEICO Honda’s Blake Wharton was the man in front around the first turn and he would go on to an uncontested win in the Lites LCQ. Finishing second was Northern California’s Eric McCrummen and those two would go onto the main event.



Cole Seely shot out with the holeshot in the main event, series points leader Jake Weimer was right behind going into the second turn when there was some contact. What ended up happening after that was Josh Hansen spilled out off the track and Trey Canard raced into the lead. Canard would put down some heavy sprint laps and pull away from Weimer, something that no one has been able to do all year. Broc Tickle finally was in a position worthy of his speed and settled into third while Blake Wharton’s bad luck continued with another crash and more work ahead of him.
Up front, Canard would slowly pull away from Weimer when Jake cased a few jumps. It was a perfect performance by the Oklahoman as he led all 15 laps and won his first race of the year. Weimer finished second and Broc Tickle got his first podium of the year. Will Hahn came from the back in a great ride to finish fourth with Seely getting fifth.
Travis Baker rode a strong race to sixth; Hansen worked his way to seventh from almost dead last followed by Max Anstie and then a fading Jeff Alessi. Rounding out the top ten was privateer Phil Nicoletti.


1. Trey Canard (Hon)

2. Jake Weimer (Kaw)

3. Broc Tickle (Yam)

4. Wil Hahn (Hon)

5. Cole Seeley (Hon)

6. Travis Baker (Yam)

7. Josh Hansen (Kaw)

8. Max Anstie (Yam)

9. Jeff Alessi (Yam)

10. Phil Nicoletti (KTM)

11. Phil Nicoletti (KTM)

12. Jake Canada (Kaw)

13. Blake Wharton (Hon)

14. Ryan Clark (Hon)

15. Antonio Balbi (Kaw)

16. Dabiel Hendrix (Kaw)

17. Hunter Hewitt (Suz)

18. Chris Gosselaar (Hon)

19. Joshua Clark (Kaw)

20. Jason Potter (Hon)


1. Jake Weimer (97/3 wins)

2. Trey Canard (81/1)

3. Wil Hahn (74)

4. Broc Tickle (62)

5. Blake Wharton (59)

6. Cole Seeley (54)

7. Josh Hansen (46)

8. Max Anstie (45)

9. Ryan Morais (42)

10. Jeff Alessi (40)