Reed and Wilson Thrill With Wins | 2014 Anaheim III SX

By Donn Maeda | Photos by Jeff Kardas

Discount Tire/TwoTwo Motorsports rider Chad Reed and Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s Dean Wilson earned popular wins at the final Anaheim stop of 2014, making it a Kawasaki sweep at round five of the Monster Energy Supercross Series. For Reed, it was his second win of the year and came after fending off the race-long charges from 450-class rookie Ken Roczen. Wilson’s win, meanwhile, came after race leader Cole Seely lost his front-end in the closing moments of the main event and crashed out of the lead. This was Wilson’s first win of the season, even though he was considered by most to be the championship favorite coming into 2014.

250 West Coast Regional Supercross Championship


A number of riders stacked it up in turn one at the start of the first race of the night, thanks to a shorter-than-normal start straight. Among the riders trapped in the carnage were Troy Lee Designs/Lucas Oil/Honda teammates Cole Seely and Shane McElrath. Series points leader Jason Anderson narrowly avoided the tangle and started around fifth, while Malcolm Stewart took control of the race up front on yet another Troy Lee Designs/Lucas Oil/Honda. Anderson sliced through the pack and closed to Stewart’s rear wheel and the two waged an all-out war on the white flag lap. Anderson actually stole the lead for a moment, but Stewart retaliated instantly and retook control of the point position. Though the Rockstar Energy Racing KTM rider made two more aggressive bids at the lead, there was no denying Stewart his second heat race win of the year. Seely rode an amazing race and rebounded from his turn one crash to claim third at the finish.


1. Malcolm Stewart (Hon)
2. Jason Anderson (KTM)
3. Cole Seely (Hon)
4. Valentin Teillet (Kaw)
5. Dean Ferris (KTM)
6. Shane McElrath (Hon)
7. Jake Canada (Hon)
8. Brandon Scharer (Suz)
9. Scott Champion (Yam)
10. Chris Howell (Yam)


Fastest qualifier of the day Dean Wilson took control of the second heat race only a couple corners into the first lap and checked out with relative ease aboard his Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki. Yamalube/Star Racing/Yamaha rookie Cooper Webb held down firm control of the runner-up position, and enjoyed some breathing room between he and third-place Jessy Nelson. Justin Hill was plenty fast, but a handful of crashes held him to fifth.


1. Dean Wilson (Kaw)
2. Cooper Webb (Yam)
3. Jessy Nelson (Hon)
4. Dakota Tedder (Kaw)
5. Justin Hill (Kaw)
6. Shawn Rhinehart (Suz)
7. Topher Ingalls (Hon)
8. Preston Mull (Yam)
9. Brandon Rangel (Hon)
10. Chris Proscelle (Hon)

250 LCQ

Joseph Dalzell jumped to an early lead in the 250 LCQ, but soon found fast company in Conner Elliot. The two riders fought for control of the race for the opening laps, with Elliot eventually taking the win. Chris Howell made a well-timed pair of passes on the final laps of the LCQ and went from fifth to third at the final flag.


1. Conner Elliot
2. Joseph Dalzell
3. Chris Howell
4. Jean Marrone


Seely grabbed another main event holeshot at the drop of the gate and led Wilson and the rest onto the track. Anderson gated around ninth, but set to work quickly with his eyes at the front of the pack. Anderson moved into third with an aggressive move on Stewart on lap four, but their different approaches in the following rhythm section saw the two riders collide and crash together. Stewart remounted quickly in seventh, but Anderson rejoined the race 11th.
Up front, Seely rode a flawless race and established a three-second lead over Wilson, while Jake Canada held down third in the middle of the race. Webb picked up the pace and moved into the last podium position at the halfway point, displacing Canada with an easy pass.
As the laps wound down, Wilson began to pick up the pace, setting the fastest laps of the race as he chopped away at Seely’s lead. It all fell apart for Seely on the 12th lap when he tucked his front end in the corner after the whoops. Wilson nearly ran over Seely, and was forced to actually roll his bike backwards to get going again and take over the lead. Seely remounted before Webb caught up, and with that, the top three positions were set. Wilson earned his first win of the season, comfortably ahead of Seely, Webb, Hill, and Anderson, who rode like a madman to overcome his early spill with Stewart.

Main Event Results
1. Dean Wilson (Kaw)
2. Cole Seely (Hon)
3. Cooper Webb (Yam)
4. Justin Hill (Kaw)
5. Jason Anderson (KTM)
6. Malcolm Stewart (Hon)
7. Jake Canada (Hon)
8. Shane McElrath (Hon)
9. Jessy Nelson (Hon)
10. Dakota Tedder (Kaw)
11. Dean Ferris (KTM)
12. Scott Champion (Yam)
13. Topher Ingalls (Hon)
14. Preston Mull (Yam)
15. Valentine Teillet (Kaw)
16. Brandon Sharer (Suz)
17. Chris Howell (Yam)
18. Shawn Rhinehart (Suz)
19. Jean Marrone (Suz)
20. Joseph Dalzell (Kaw)
21. Brandon Rangel (Hon)
22. Conner Elliot (Hon)
Monster Energy Supercross 250 West Coast Championship Points Standings (After 5 of 9 rounds):
1. Jason Anderson (109pts/3 wins)
2. Cole Seely (109pts/1)
3. Dean Wilson (97pts/1)
4. Cooper Webb (85pts)
5. Justin Hill (82pts)
6. Zach Osborne (69pts)
7. Malcolm Stewart (69pts)
8. Jessy Nelson (61pts)
9. Shane McElrath (55pts)
10. Dean Ferris (52pts)