Riding With The Metal Mulisha

Over the past couple of days, we’ve spent a lot of time with the Metal Mulisha. Yesterday evening we made the trip out to Jimmy Fitzpatrick’s freeriding utopia dubbed Fitzland to shoot with Fitz, Derek Garland, Kenny Bell, and Sean Fogle. Today, we headed out to Brian Deegan’s Mulisha Compound to shoot the rest of the crew including Deegan, Ronnie Faisst, and Doug Parsons. Check out the photos from both days below.

For the first day of shooting, we headed out to Fitzland where Jimmy Fitzpatrick (right) and Derek Garland (left) were practicing their synchronized jumping. Fitz has recently made the switch to a four-stroke, but by the looks of it, he must already be feeling right at home.
Sean Fogle may not be as well known as some of the other riders, but that doesn't mean he can't throwdown. Here, he goes huge. A few jumps later, however, he broke five spokes on his front wheel thanks no doubt to the gnarly impact from this jump.
For the second day of riding and shooting, we headed out to Brian Deegan's Mulisha Compound. Here, The General proves that he hasn't lost his bike skills since making the switch to four-wheel racing.
OG freerider Doug Parsons also came out to have some fun, throwing crazy whips on Deegan's outdoor track.
If it wasn't for the insane triple digit temperatures, Ronnie Faisst probably would have hit this hip jump all day long. He and the other riders were getting flat off this jump.