Ryan Dungey Wheaties Cover Campaign

Ryan Dungey Wheaties

Ryan Dungey is an advertiser’s dream spokesperson. Not only is the Red Bull KTM rider a multi-time champion at the sport’s highest levels, but he possesses a number of personality traits that appeal to fans of every demographic. There’s his dedicated work ethic, a clean-cut public image, youthful good looks, and the additional backing of companies like Target, Skullcandy, Nike, and Great Clips. Knowing that other brands have invested in a rider makes them a sure bet for a company looking to dip a toe into the sport’s waters and the latest to jump on the RD5 bandwagon is Wheaties. The cereal synonymous with world class athletes has presented the chance to put a new star on the cover of their iconic orange box, with Dungey selected as the motocross candidate.

Getting Ryan Dungey on the cover will take the effort of the entire sport, as Wheaties will track both the votes and exercise by fans through MapMyFitness, an app that allows users to chart their performance increases through various workout programs. To join MapMyFitness and help boost moto’s score, visit http://bit.ly/1orWPx4.  

Ryan Dungey Wheaties

Ryan will keep fans update on the contest’s progress through both a video blog on YouTube and a standard text blog on the Wheaties contest website at http://bit.ly/1qTyMrJ.

Take a look at the first videos of the blog posted by RD5 below…

As with anything in this day and age, the contest has a dedicated following on social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Build the buzz by using the hashtags #TeamDUNGEY and #WheatiesNEXT when posting your workouts or favorite shots of Ryan in action.

Ryan Dungey Wheaties