Team MotoConcepts Introduction

On Monday, December 12th, Mike Genova unveiled his reorganized MotoConcepts racing outfit. The team, which includes Mike and Jeff Alessi, Tommy Weeck, Jake Canada, and Vince Friese, will campaign the 2012 tours on “MotoConcepts” 450s and 250′, bikes purchased and customized to the team and rider’s desires, without the input from one of the “big five” manufacturers. Supported by JT Racing, We All Ride, Silkolene, Dunlop, and FMF, among others, the team feels that this is the future of the sport, a privately owned and funded team with a smaller staff than what is common in the pits now. While there, we were able to interview both Jeff and Tony Alessi, JT Racing’s owner Daniel Sandstedt, and caught a glimpse of what to expect come Anaheim One.


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