Tomac And Barcia Victorious At Chase Field

The second round of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross series made it’s way to Phoenix, Arizona, this weekend, and boy was it a cold one! Record low temperatures greeted all the fans in attendance, but the excitement kept everyone’s blood pumping as Eli Tomac and Justin Barcia dominated their respective classes. For Tomac, the win inside Chase Field marked his second consecutive win, and for Barcia, it marked his first official 450 Supercross win.

250 Supercross Class

Heat One

Red Bull KTM’s Ken Roczen grabbed the first holeshot of the night, as Ryan Sipes tried to stay close to his rear wheel. However, Roczen’s speed was no match for Sipes as the young German rider slowly started to creep away. Troy Lee Designs/Lucas Oil/Honda’s Cole Seely sat behind Sipes for a couple of laps, but he eventually made the move into second on the third lap. By the time Seely moved into that position, Roczen was long gone. The top three riders would eventually settle into their positions when the white flag flew. Jessy Nelson tried to make a move on Geico Honda’s Zach Osborne for fourth, but the TLD rider wasn’t able to get it done.

1. Ken Roczen (KTM)
2. Cole Seely (Hon)
3. Ryan Sipes (Yam)
4. Zach Osborne (Hon)
5. Jessy Nelson (Hon)
6. Malcolm Stewart (KTM)
7. Kyle Cunningham (Yam)
8. Austin Politelli (Hon)
9. Michael Leib (Hon)

Heat Two

JDR KTM’s newcomer, Joey Savatgy, grabbed the holeshot in heat two, just ahead of Christian Craig and Martin Davalos. Without wasting any time, Davalos jumped into second, and started to apply some pressure to Savatgy. Current points leader, Eli Tomac, suffered from a mid-pack start, but the Geico Honda rider quickly started to move through the pack. On the third lap, he found himself on the rear wheel of Craig. At the halfway mark, all hell broke loose as there were two red cross flags waving in different sections of the track. Privateer Brandon Scharer lost control of his bike in a technical rhythm section, and hit the deck hard. Just in front of him, Davalos was ejected off of his bike while he was battling for the lead with Savatgy. This allowed Tomac to quickly close the gap on the rookie. With two turns to go, Tomac sealed the deal on Savatgy, and the Geico Honda rider would take the win.

1. Eli Tomac (Hon)
2. Joey Savatgy (KTM)
3. Christian Craig (Hon)
4. Jake Canada (Hon)
5. Tyla Rattray (Kaw)
6. Max Anstie (Suz)
7. Topher Ingalls
8. Josh Cachia (KTM)
9. Trevor Reis

250 LCQ

After having a scary heat race crash, Martin Davalos came back strong for the LCQ and took the holeshot ahead of Rhett Urseth and Jason Anderson. The Rocstar Energy Racing rider closed the door on Urseth before a triple, which caused the privateer rider to double. When the white flag came out, it looked as if Anderson would hold onto the final transfer spot, however, a mistake in a rhythm section threw him too the ground. He had a big enough gap to get back going in second, but he fell again trying to remount. This allowed Travis Bright to move into second. Travis Baker did everything he could to get around Bright, but he was unsuccessful. After the race, Davalos said that he was sore from his crash, but he would take things lap by lap.

1. Martin Davalos
2. Travis Bright

250 Main Event

If there’s one thing that Jessy Nelson has proven in the 250 class, it’s that he has his starts dialed. When the gates dropped, the Supercross rookie rocketed out on his Troy Lee Designs/Lucas Oil/Honda. However, his lead was short lived, as Martin Davalos quickly took over. Coming off a second place heat race finish, Joey Savatgy was back at it again as he held onto third. A few spots behind him, though, was the hard charging Eli Tomac. By the seventh lap, Tomac had worked his way all the way up behind Davalos. The Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki rider tried to keep the 2012 West Coast Lites champion at bay, however, his efforts would collapse a few short turns later.

A third place battle between Nelson, Seely, and Ken Roczen was brewing strong at the halfway point, but it would be the Red Bull KTM rider who would come out victorious. Once he moved into third, his sights were set on Davalos. It would take a couple more laps before he would reel him in, but he eventually made it happen, and secured the number two spot. Nelson fell back to fifth when his teammate got around him, but he was able to hold onto that spot, despite having the pressure of Zach Osborne behind him.

Seely took a spill late in the race, however, he was able to remount, and just back into the fourth spot. Ryan Sipes had worked his way into the top-five, but a bobble sent him back to seventh before the checkers flew. Tomac would take the win at the end of the 15-lap main, and he now heads into Anaheim II with a six-point lead. Roczen would take another second place finish, and Davalos would take his first podium finish of the season in third.

On a side note, when everyone took off for the start off the main, MCR’s Jake Canada didn’t have his helmet on. He threw it on real quick, however, he didn’t have it strapped on. As a result, he was black-flagged from the race.

1. Eli Tomac
2. Ken Roczen
3. Martin Davalos
4. Cole Seely
5. Jessy Nelson
6. Zach Osborne
7. Ryan Sipes
8. Kyle Cunningham
9. Joey Savatgy
10. Christian Craig
11. Max Anstie
12. Tyla Rattray
13. Austin Politelli
14. Josh Cachia
15. Travis Bright
16. Trevor Reis
17. Michael Leib
18. Malcolm Stewart
19. Topher Ingalls
20. Jake Canada
250 Class Championship Points Standings (After 2 of 9 rounds)
1. Eli Tomac (50/2 Wins)
2. Ken Roczen (44)
3. Cole Seely (38)
4. Ryan Sipes (29)
5. Zach Osborne (29)
6. Kyle Cunningham (23)
7. Tyla Rattray (22)
8. Max Anstie (22)
9. Martin Davalos (21)
10. Joey Savatgy (20)