Villopoto And Wilson Take The Win In Arlington

The seventh round of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series came and went inside the Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, over the weekend, with Ryan Villopoto and Dean Wilson taking the win in their respective classes. For Villopoto, the win marked the third of the season, and he now sits in third, 24-points behind Millsaps. For Wilson, Arlington marked the first round of the East Coast 250 series, and he won in a commanding fashion.

250 West Coast Supercross

250 Heat One

The first heat of the night was an exciting one, as Marvin Musquin snapped off the line with an early lead. Gavin Faith would take over the position a couple of turns later, and hold the lead from there. Wil Hahn sat close behind in third, and paced the two riders for a couple of laps before he decided to make the move on the Frenchman. Hahn displayed a textbook block pass on Musquin, and then started to set his sights on Faith. Hahn eventually made the pass on the MotoConcepts rider, however, Faith delivered right back, and moved back into the lead. Musquin tried to sneak on in during the two rider battle, but was unable to get it done. The Geico Honda rider tried to regroup and make another pass on Faith, but a mistake sent him to the ground, and back to fifth. Jimmy Decotis moved on up to the top three, and Faith would take the win.

1. Gavin Faith
2. Marvin Musquin
3. Jimmy Decotis
4. Cole Thompson
5. Wil Hahn
6. Kyle Peters
7. Mitchell Oldenburg
8. Ryan Zimmer
9. Gareth Swanepoel

250 Heat Two

Continuing where the excitement left off in heat one, Supercross newcomer Zach Bell rocketed off the line on his Geico Honda. A massive pileup in the first turn took out many riders including Blake Wharton, Justin Hill, and Dean Wilson. Bell put in some consecutive clean laps and distanced himself from Adam Gulley and Levi Kilbarger. Wilson was on a tear, though, and quickly ravaged his way through the pack on his Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki. By the fourth lap, Deano moved his way into second, and knocked Bell’s lead down to a couple of seconds. Disaster would strike a few turns later after Bell was ejected off his bike when his footpeg caught off the face of the triple. As a result, the race was immediately red-flagged so the Asterisk Medical Crew could attend to the young rider. After a few scary minutes, Bell was able get up and walk on his own.

For the second weekend in a row, a staggered start was in play, and Wilson was right at the front of the line. Wilson would check out from there, while Vince Friese and Levi Kilbarger finished second and third, respectively.

1. Dean Wilson
2. Vince Friese
3. Levi Kilbarger
4. Brad Ripple
5. Adam Gulley
6. Jesse Wentland
7. Lance Vincent
8. Justin Hill
9. Jackson Richardson


After missing the final transfer spot by literally inches, Blake Wharton came out strong in the LCQ, and led the race from start to finish. What had the crowd amazed, though, was Zach Bell back on the track after his horrifying crash. The Geico Honda looked to be unphased by his crash, and finished the race in second.

1. Blake Wharton
2. Zach Bell

250 Main Event

When the gates dropped for the 15-lap main, Kyle Peters rocketed out front on his privateer Honda, beating Dean Wilson and Blake Wharton into the first turn. Peters fought hard for the prize position, yet he was unable to keep the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki rider behind him. Wharton would be the next rider to make the pass, and Peters would eventually drop back to fourth by the end of the main.

Once Wilson moved up into the lead, he slowly started to move away from Wharton, and by the halfway mark, the Kawi rider had built up a five second cushion. Wilson would take the first win of the nine-round series, and claim the coveted red plate. Wharton, meanwhile, rode a quiet race in second.

Geico Honda’s Wil Hahn didn’t have the greatest of starts, but he put his head down, and started to pick riders off, one by one. By the time he moved into fifth, a battle between Peters and Cole Thompson was fully engaged. Unfortunately for Thompson, a critical mistake in a rhythm section would take him out of the race. This allowed Hahn to advance to fourth, and shortly after, he made the pass on Peters for third.

Rookie Justin Hill turned some heads tonight, as he rode a solid race to finish fifth.

Red Bull KTM’s Marvin Musquin fell victim to a first turn crash, and remounted his bike in 19th. By the end of the 15-laps, he moved his way all the way to sixth place.


1. Dean Wilson
2. Blake Wharton
3. Wil Hahn
4. Kyle Peters
5. Justin Hill
6. Marvin Musquin
7. Gavin Faith
8. Jimmy Decotis
9. Vince Friese
10. Lance Vincent
11. Jackson Richardson
12. Mitchell Oldenburg
13. Gareth Swanepoel
14. Levi Kilbarger
15. Adam Gulley
16. Ryan Zimmer
17. Cole Thompson
18. Zach Bell
19. Brad Ripple
20. Jesse Wentland

Top 5 Lap Times
1. Dean Wilson 45.997
2. Blake Wharton 46.482
3. Wil Hahn 46.534
4. Marvin Musquin 46.765
5. Kyle Peters 47.070

250 West Coast Championship Point Standings (After 1 of 9 rounds)

1. Dean Wilson (25/1 Win)
2. Blake Wharton (22)
3. Wil Hahn (20)
4. Kyle Peters
5. Justin Hill
6. Marvin Musquin
7. Gavin Faith
8. Jimmy Decotis
9. Vince Friese
10. Lance Vincent