Above The Vineyards: Freestyle In Wine Country

It has been a while since we made the trip out to Temecula to shoot some Freestyle at Jimmy Fitzpatrick’s infamous freeriding paradise known as Fitzland, but it was well worth the wait. Today’s session was one for the books, as cool temperatures and a freshly prepped and watered course made for epic conditions for the riders. It was almost a who’s who of FMX with riders like Fitz, Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg, Robbie Maddison, Josh Hansen, Taka Higashino, Tyler Bereman, Brian “McGnarls” McCarty, Derek Garland, and Kenny “Taco” Bell.

A full crew rolled out to partake in the session. Fitzland is littered with countless hits throughout the property.
Fresh off his Los Angeles X Games gold medal and a solid performance at the Monster Energy Cup Best Whip competition, Josh Hansen showed up to keep his whip and freeriding skills sharp.
Fitzpatrick just recently recovered from a wrist injury, however, extension on tricks like this are proof that he has already gained his confidence back.
Robbie Maddison was on hand, but a hard crash forced him to return home. He reports that everything is fine.
Up-and-coming rider Brian McCarty has perfected the Turn Up whip, especially off this massive 120-foot leap.