World Mini Grand Prix 2012 – Day Three

Gray skies and wind plagued the third day of the World Mini Grand Prix, but the forecasted rain held off and allowed all motos to be run without issue or disruption. The day’s action was riveting and numerous championships were decided in various classes. Surviving the week has been a challenge for those who have fallen prey to expectations, weather, and equipment malfunctions. To win at this level is a testament to one’s skill and strength.

Jeremy Martin started the day by breaking his streak of bad luck and beating Dillan Epstein in 450 Stock Pro class, and his 2-1 scores allowed the Star/Valli/Rockstar/Yamaha racer to claim his first title of the week. Epstein would win both the second moto and the overall of the 250 Stock Pro class later in the day.

Amsoil Honda rider Matt Bisceglia’s day would be mixed, as he lost the 450 Stock Intermediate title to underdog Hayden Mellross, but later won the 450 Four Stroke Non Pro championship against rival Jayme Gardiner. Bisceglia and Gardiner will meet again on Saturday to determine their remaining battles, including the 250 Mod Intermediate overall. David King may play the spoiler in their battle, as the Arizona resident is seeded between the two going into the championship runoff.

The 250 Two Stroke Non Pro title was earned by Dean Spangler, who swept both motos of the highly competitive class. Spangler will face Dakota Alix, Brady Keisel, Dylan Merriam, and Jayme Gardiner in the Schoolboy class on Saturday in what may be the most competitive class of the week.

Mike Sleeter and Bruce Marada swapped wins in the 25 Plus class, but Sleeter’s second moto win earned the KTM Orange Brigade team manager the overall. The 25 Plus and 30 Plus classes took to the track at the same time, with 30 Plus champion Robert Fitch running the pace of the younger Sleeter and Marada.

Brandy Richards of Lake Havasu, Arizona, would win titles in both the Women’s 65-85 and the Women’s 125-250 classes, a historic feat for the event.