World Mini Grand Prix 2012 – Wrap Up

After witnessing four days of racing on the Neveda/Arizona border, we can say that the future looks bright for American motocross. The 41st Annual NMA World Mini Grand Prix at Mesquite MX offered a variety of classes for racers of all skill levels to compete in, and in every class we saw the almost limitless potential. 43 championships were decided by Saturday afternoon, and though many were both wind and sun burnt, it was a worthwhile week in the desert.


50 Pee-Wee Stk. Thru 6: Ryder Di Francesco

50 Pee-Wee Mod. Thru 6: Ryder Di Francesco

50 Pee-Wee Stk. 7-8: Jett Reynolds

50 Pee-Wee 7-8: Gage Linville

Super Pee-Wee 6-9: Gage Linville

65 Stk. 6-8: Andrew Hertzler

65 Mod. 6-8: Gage Linville

65 Stk. 9-11: Conner Mullinnex

65-85 Girls Two Stroke: Brandy Richards

65 Mod. 9-11: Carson Mumford

65 Open 6-11: Carson Mumford

85 Stk. Thru 11: Brock Papi

85/150 Stk. 12-13: Luke Purther

85 Mod. Thru 11: Brock Papi

85/150 Mod. 12-13: Luke Purther

85/150 Stk. 14-16: Andrew Pierce

85/150 Mod. 14-16: Justin Hoeft

85/150 Open Thru 16: Andrew Pierce

Supermini Thru 13: Rookie White

Supermini Thru 16: Justin Hoeft

Schoolboy Thru 17: Dakota Alix

150 Four Stroke Thru 16: Andrew Pierce

125 Two Stroke Non-Pro: Dakota Alix

250 Two Stroke Non-Pro: Dean Spangler

Women Non-Pro: Brandy Richards

College 18-25: Tyler Enticknap

250 Stk. Novice: Axell Hodges

250 Mod. Novice: Axell Hodges

250 Stk. Intermediate: Matt Bisceglia

250 Mod. Intermediate: Matt Bisceglia

250 Stk.Pro: Dillan Epstein

250 Mod. Pro: Dillan Epstein

450 Stk. Novice: Cody Herzog

450 Mod. Novice: Yah-Tsheng Moua

450 Stk. Intermediate: Hayden Mellross

450 Mod. Intermediate: Matt Bisceglia

450 Stk. Pro: Jeremy Martin

450 Mod. Pro: Dillan Epstein

250 Four Stroke Non-Pro: Matt Bisceglia

450 Four Stroke Non-Pro: Matt Bisceglia

25 Plus: Mike Sleeter

30 Plus: Robert Fitch

40 Plus: Jeff Ward

The amount of entrants in some classes forced championship run offs to take place Saturday afternoon.
Wednesday's wind and sun eliminated any moisture in the soil and turned many berms to dust.
The World Mini Grand Prix is one of the NMA crown events in the year.
Many young racers have began wearing this "Moto Vests." They are very similar to a bulletproof vest and protect the racer from blunt trama. It is also worth noting that only a handful of racers opted not to wear neck protection of some sort.
KTM, Hart and Huntington, and Honda stepped up their presence in the amateur scene with full tractor-trailer set ups.
The sheer amount of laps and riders turned the Mesquite circuit into a trecherous affair. The fastest sections of the track, which included the downhill and the long straightaway, developed huge braking bumps and ruts.