2014 RedBud MX | GoPro Hero 3+

2014 RedBud MX | GoPro Hero 3+

There is a lot to take in when watching the GoPro footage captured by James Stewart, Fredrik Noren, and Joey Savatgy from the 2014 RedBud MX. All three riders put in epic rides on the first lap of their second motos of the day and the situations we find all three in make dissecting the short clips possible.

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James Stewart | 2014 RedBud MX | 450 Moto Two

2014 RedBud MX

We’ll start with Stewart, who withdrew from the first moto following a collision with Josh Grant and had one of the last gate picks in the second moto. This put Stewart to the far right of the gate, making for an even longer trip around the fast first turn, but the power from the Yoshimura Suzuki helped alleviate the handicap. Stewart is in the thick of the pack when approaching the holeshot stripe, but is suddenly hit from behind and shot off of the track. You can say that he got lucky in the crash, because he missed the metal scaffolding of the Motosport.com holeshot tower by just a few feet. The beam is blocked by a haybale, but we have to assume this wouldn’t do much if Stewart had slammed into it at speed. He quickly remounts and takes off after the pack, adjusting his body and gear over a few of the sketchier sections of the course. His passes on the first riders he encounters are made with solid line selection and limited aggression.

Fredrik Noren | 2014 RedBud MX | 450 Moto Two

2014 RedBud MX

RedBud marked Fredrik Noren’s first race aboard the Team Honda Muscle Milk CRF450R, and it was apparent the longtime privateer had adapted well to the increased power of the factory machine. His launch out of the gate put him alongside the Red Bull KTM pairing of Ryan Dungey and Ken Roczen, along with his own Team Honda Muscle Milk partner of Trey Canard. Roczen and Canard would inch away in the opening sections of the track, and Dungey would get by with a daring leap over a rutted step-down double. The laps Noren put in over the moto were impressive and he would go on to finish 10th place against a stacked list of riders.Give him more time to acclimate to the red ride and prepare for a surprise this summer.


Joey Savatgy | 2014 RedBud MX | 250 Moto

2014 RedBud MX

Joey Savatgy was in a prime spot on the gate for the second 250 moto and his inside line let him slip by the field aboard his Rockstar Energy Racing KTM to grab the holeshot. Getting the start by Savatgy back up front for the first time in a while, which had to be a huge confidence boost for him as he comes back from a long spell of injuries and time off of the bike. Savatgy took full advantage of the clear track and put his bike in any line available, all while revving the hell out of his Factory Services KTM engine. Still this bike engine package was not enough to take on LaRocco’s Leap, as the run to the jump’s face had been drastically reduced compared to years past.

Because the second 250 moto is the last race of the day and Savatgy spent the entire clip at the front of the pack, this video is the best example of how challenging a lap at RedBud can be…