BEER Optics Signs Ronnie Mac

In an unprecedented multi-year deal, BEER Optics is pleased and proud to announce a deal for superstar Ronnie Mac to wear the complete line of BEER Optics in, well, whatever he does out in the sticks.

“I’m selling out is what my Papi told me but I don’t even care” says Ronnie “These guys came to me with a briefcase of money, told me that the goggles are called BEER and seeing as how that’s my favorite thing in the world, I took it.”

Ronnie will hopefully be wearing BEER Optics in all of his crazy adventures from now on, we hope that this newfound cash doesn’t change him at all but we can’t promise anything.

Believe it or not! The creators of BEER optics have over 30 years of eyewear experience. The BEER optics, goggle line was designed with two major factors in mind, function and price.

The “DRY BEER” goggle has a general face fit with all of the features needed for excellent dust and debris protection and un-matched comfort.

The “ICE COLD BEER” goggle was designed to combat rugged extreme cold, and blizzard conditions while still having 100% UVA protection for those sunny spring days.

BEER Optics can found on the world wide web at

For Ronnie’s adventures, just search YouTube and be prepared to be blown away.