Eli Tomac’s Tennessee Return

Eli Tomac interviewed at 2014 Muddy Creek MX.

When Eli Tomac suffered a collarbone injury late in the 2014 Monster Energy Supercross season, few expected his return to the track would take longer than a few weeks. Fractures to this area of the body are common in motocross riders and to expedite the healing process, many opt to undergo surgery and have the bone plated back together. Unfortunately for the GEICO Honda rider, numerous doctors advised against a surgical repair and favored traditional rest for the proper recovery. This put the 450 rookie on the sidelines for the opening weeks of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship, but Tomac made a triumphant return to the circuit at the fifth round of the series at Muddy Creek MX in Tennessee.

Tomac kicked off the morning by nabbing the Oakley Bomb award for being the fastest 450 rider during timed practice, and led much of the first moto later in the day. A pair of third place finishes would be more than enough for third overall, which immediately makes Tomac another obstacle in the competiton’s championship quest. After the day wrapped, we tracked down Tomac in the GEICO Honda rig for our standard “How Was Your Weekend?” interview, but kept the camera rolling to hear the additional questions we tossed his way…

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Eli Tomac’s Tennessee Return