Georges Jobe 1961-2012

After a nearly two year battle with leukemia, five-time world champion Georges Jobe has passed. The Belgian racer began his professional career in 1979 and earned his first FIM MX 250 championship just one year later in 1980. That same year he was part of the Belgian Motocross of Nations team, which claimed  the victory at Farleigh Castle. Jobe would earn the title again in 1982, and then moved up to the 500 division, where he amassed three more titles (1987, 1991, 1992).

Part of Jobe’s legacy came at Hawkstone Park in 1984. Jobe launched over André Malherbe when he doubled two rollers that made a massive pit on the track. Mechanical issues plagued his 1986 season and though he resigned with Factory Kawasaki for 1987, he left after numerous disagreements to race a privateer Honda. With limited parts from Honda and a $100,000 championship bonus to entice him, Jobe won his second 500cc title.

Jobe retired from professional racing in the mid 90s, but stay involved by working with young racers. While training in Dubai in 2007, he suffered a severe spinal injury and compressed his spinal cord between the C3 and C4 vertebra. Initial prognosis of the injury stated that he would be paralyzed for life. After a lengthy recovery process, he regained the ability to walk and ride a bicycle. In April of 2011, Jobe was diagnosed with leukemia. Georges Jobe was 51. Our thoughts are with his friends and family.