Marvin Musquin | GoPro Onboard

Marvin Musquin | GoPro Onboard
Red Bull KTM’s Marvin Musquin took our GoPro Hero3+ for a spin yesterday at Perris Raceway.

Red Bull KTM’s Marvin Musquin has been on a tear lately, and the personable Frenchman is giving it his all in preparation for the final two 250 Nationals of the year in hopes of wracking up a couple more wins. On Tuesdays, Perris Raceway links two tracks together in order to give the National pros on hand a better training experience, as the lap times are increased to well over two minutes. With a fresh GoPro Hero3+ in our hands, thanks to Chris Kinman at GoPro, we solicited Musquin to take it for a spin for a few laps as he was working on his sprints. We mounted the camera beneath the visor of his Airoh helmet, utilizing “The Frame” accessory and lens cover offered by GoPro. Enjoy!

Click here to see The Frame and lens cover that we use on our GoPro Hero3+ camera.
Marvin’s GoPro laps on our KTM 150 SX made for one of our most viewed videos ever.
Need more GoPro footage? You’re in luck thanks to the massive archives of the onboard footage. 

We’ve also got a sweet photo gallery from yesterday at Perris!
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Marvin Musquin | GoPro Onboard