How To | Motorcycle Brake Maintenance

Lucas Oil How To Motorcycle Brake Maintenance

Have you recently went to grab your brakes, only to have them squeal from heat or fade completely from overuse? If so, it’s time to give one of the most important areas of your bike serious attention. Remedying the issue is an easy fix by bleeding the dirty brake fluid from the system or replacing the worn pads entirely. Either way, you will soon be bring your machine back under control with a few moments of much needed motorcycle brake maintenance. We called upon Troy Lee Designs/Lucas Oil/Honda team mechanic Eric Gass to fix the braking woes and discuss both solutions in a single post. On page one, we will document the proper way to bleed your brakes, while page two shows you how to replace the brake pads. We recommend doing both at the same time.

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How To | Bleed Motorcycle Brakes

Tools Needed

Brake Fluid (DOT 3 or 4)
8MM T-Handle
7MM Open-end Wrench
8MM Open-end Wrench
Vacuum Brake Bleeder
Motion Pro Hydraulic Brake Bleeder and empty bottle
Contact Cleaner
Spray Bottle
Shop Towel


Page Two : How To | Replace Worn Brake Pads