Practice Report: X Games 2012 Freestyle

Practice for the freestyle portion of X Games 2012 has come to a close here at the Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles, and the 10 rider field now waits for their televised portion of the evening to come around. The course is rather limited as it features four ramp jumps and two dirt hits, but with it being place indoors, elements like the wind or sun make it a fair trade.

Practice was more or less a slow-paced jump demo as the riders accustomed themselves to the layout, but Taka Higashino’s Rock Solid Flip, Nate Adam and Blake Williams 360’s, and Levi Sherwood’s contorted grabs set the stage for the actual competition. Tune into ESPN2 at 9:30EST/6:30PST for live coverage and check back to TWMX tonight for a full recap.