Race Report – Monster Energy Supercross: Arlington

Back-To-Back Wins for Wilson, and Another Win for Canard

By Jordan Powell
Photos By Brendan Lutes

It was an exciting night of racing at Dallas Cowboys stadium, and the series continues to keep the fans excited. In the Lites class, Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s Dean Wilson and Geico Honda’s Justin Barcia put on a huge show for all of the fans in attendance. For almost 15 laps, the two riders exchanged positions numerous times, but Wilson ended up coming out with the win in the end. In the Supercross class, it was Honda’s Trey Canard who led from start to finish. Texas has proved to be good to Trey, as this was his second Supercross win in this state, and he now has a total of three wins in the series.


When the bikes lined up for 15-lap Supercross Lites main event, Justin Barcia led the pack into the first corner. Right on his rear wheel, though, was DNA Shred Stix/Star Racing/Yamaha’s Ryan Sipes. After the first couple of laps, Sipes hung right onto the rear wheel of the Geico rider, and he finally made the pass after about four laps. It wasn’t the end of Barcia, though. Sipes made a bobble in a rhythm section, and Barcia closed the gap up tremendously. After battling back and forth for a few turns, Barcia made the pass stick on the Yamaha rider. With Barcia continuing to lead, Sipes started to have his hands full with third place rider, Dean Wilson. As the two riders exited the sand turn, Sipes ran straight off the track and crashed into some tuff blocks. He eventually got back up, but he was never able to get back up into the pack. Blake Wharton, on the other hand, capitalized on the mistake, and he moved into third.

From here, things got really crazy between Barcia and Wilson. As the laps counted down, Wilson started to quickly reel in Barcia. Once he was on the rear wheel of the Honda rider, he made the pass on Barcia in the whoops, where he was faster. It wasn’t the end of Barcia, though. After the finish line jump, Barcia passed Wilson back in the next corner. When he made that pass, Wilson hit neutral coming out of the turn, and he lost all his forward momentum. His bike never stalled, though, and by the end of the rhythm section Deano made the pass back on Barcia. With one lap to go, the two riders swapped positions a couple more times, but the Pro Circuit rider held off Barcia’s last effort to pass.

Main Event
1. Dean Wilson (Kaw)
2. Justin Barcia (Hon)
3. Blake Wharton (Hon)
4. Malcolm Stewart (Suz)
5. Matt Lemoine (Kaw)
6. Darryn Durham (Hon)
7. Blake Baggett (Kaw)
8. Gannon Audette (Yam)
9. Alex Martin (Hon)
10. Travis Bright (Hon)
11. Hunter Hewitt (Suz)
12. Jason Anderson (Suz)
13. Taylor Futrell (Hon)
14. Lance Vincent (Hon)
15. Hunter Clements (Hon)
16. Levi Kilbarger (Hon)
17. Ryan Sipes (Yam)
18. AJ Catanzaro (Hon)
19. Justin Sipes (Kaw)
20. Nicholas Myers (Hon)
Eastern Regional Supercross Lites Series Point Standings (After 7 of 8 rounds)
1. Justin Barcia (160/2 Wins)
2. Dean Wilson (147/3)
3. Ryan Sipes (119/1)
4. Blake Baggett (114/1)
5. Blake Wharton (109)
6. Matt Lemoine (96)
7. PJ Larsen (80)
8. Malcolm Stewart (73)
9. Alex Martin (59)
10. Lance Vincent (56)