Ryan Huffman & Washougal MX

Washougal MX

This wallpaper by Jeff Kardas is one of the best images we’ve seen of Washougal MX Park. It’s sized perfectly to fit your computer screen…

Whenever we make mention of how scenic or nice any track on the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship is, passionate fans from the Pacific Northwest chime in on how much better Washougal MX Park is compared to the others. While we cannot play favorites, since all twelve of the tracks have their perks, we do love the annual trip to southern Washington in July. Nearby Portland is one of our favorite cities to visit, the weather is always incredible, and the scenery is absolutely gorgeous.

Running a round of the Nationals is a challenge for all involved, and this year Washougal MX Park track manager Ryan Huffman (yeah, the former pro racer) and the rest of the crew had a huge work load. Rains early in the week soaked the course and even forced the amateur racing events to be rescheduled until Sunday, but Saturday appeared to go off without issue. After the race, we managed to grab Huffman for a few minutes before the tractors were deployed to smooth over the ruts.

We extend well-wishes to Bruce Barnes, who was severely injured early in the day when an errant bike flew into him on one of the fastest parts of the track.

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To find out more about Washougal MX or take part in Ryan Huffman’s riding school, visit washougalmxpk.com… 

Ryan Huffman & Washougal MX