Two-Stroke Tuesday: Ivan Tedesco

Although two-strokes are all but extinct in professional motocross, we often still hear their familiar sound echoing over the hills surrounding our local tracks. It’s not everyday, however, that we catch sight of a pre-mixer being put through the paces as if one of the sport’s top racers was hammering down motos like back in the early 2000s. But if you ride in Southern California, there is a good chance that you have seen exactly that: Ivan Tedesco, the former two-time 125 West Coast Supercross Champion and 125 National Champion, has been missing from racing action since last year, but “Hot Sauce” is still throwing his leg over a bike on a daily basis waiting for the right opportunity to come along. Until that opportunity presents itself, Ivan is content with ripping laps aboard his personal YZ250. We caught up with Ivan at Pala Raceway to get an update, and of course, bring you the soothing sounds that only a pinned two-stroke has to offer.