Race Report – Unadilla

The eighth round of the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championships went off without a hitch.  Located in the scenic hills of Upstate New York, the loamy terrain threw everything it could at the riders.  Many reported the track was the roughest they have ridden all year. To fans though, that all just added up to some good old fashioned racing…40 years to be exact.  That is how long the Unadilla Valley Sports Center has been hosting professional racers, and while the bikes are quite different than they used to be, the racing is still as good as ever.  Read on to find out what went down at ‘Dilla.

250 Class Moto 1

With the drop of the gate, Martin Davalos rocketed towards the first turn with the lead aboard his Muscle Milk/MDK/KTM. With what has been a disappointing season so far, Martin looked to be redeeming himself as he would go on to lead the opening laps.  However, a charging and determined Christophe Pourcel was hot on the Ecuadorian’s heels on his Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki.  The co-points leader looked determined to take single ownership of the championship battle as he quickly moved past Davalos after the first lap.  Behind the lead duo, were Pourcel’s teammate Jake Weimer, Geico Powersports/Honda’s Justin Barcia and Blake Wharton. Ryan Dungey on his Rockstar/Makita/Suzuki, had a decent start, but certainly had his work cut out for him to catch his French series rival.

Barcia put on a spectacular charge and show for his hometown fans as he made an impressive, if not scary, pass on Weimer going up the uphill whoop section. Unfortunately, his forward movement ended only a few laps later with a small crash, that would see him continue dropping back after remounting.

Following Barcia’s fall, Dungey got around Wharton and then went after Weimer who would prove to be a different story.  The number 19 machine would not relinquish second place so easily and put up more of a fight than we have seen in a while.  Eventually Dungey worked his way past Weimer and went to work on Pourcel.  But, by this time Pourcel already had a sizable gap on the rest of the field.

Two riders on the move were Canidae/Motosport/Kawasaki’s Kyle Cunningham and Geico Powesports/Honda’s Brett Metcalfe.  Cunningham, who started mid-pack, was picking off riders left and right, and seemed very comfortable on the rough circuit, working his way to just outside the top five.  Metcalfe, not content with playing second fiddle to his younger teammates, stuck plugged away and eventually experience won out over youth. Metty battled hard with Wharton, to move into fourth place.

At the finish, Pourcel took the win unchallenged although Dungey was definitely on the move. This would set a good potential battle for the second motos.

250 Class Moto 2

This time around, Pourcel captured the holeshot, and with nothing but clear track ahead, put in some blazing opening laps.  Right on his heels in the first lap were his teammates Weimer and Austin Stroupe, who was in his first ride since being injured at Hangtown.  By lap two, Wharton had made his way past Stroupe for third as Dungey once again had a start outside of the top five.

Wharton, who was riding very well, was able to make the move on Weimer for second place.  Unfortunately, just like his teammate, Barcia, in the first moto, he crashed only a few laps later and would go on to finish 23rd.  Weimer, inherited second place, and there he would stay as Dungey was forced to make his way through the pack.  Riding along with that surge was were Metcalfe and Division Seven/Star Racing/Yamaha’s Broc Tickle.  All three riders did there best to make up for mediocre starts with Metty eventually recovering for fourth and Tickle for fifth.

The real battle heated up as Dungey Closed on Weimer.  Not ready to give up a position, even for his newly announced Team USA Motocross des Nations teammate, Weimer shut down Dungey’s pass attempts on a few occasions.  Finally though, Dungey was able to work his way around. But once again, by this time Pourcel was already way out in front and any chance for victory for Dungey would have to come from a mistake on the Frenchman’s part, which never happened.  Pourcel would take the win ahead of Dungey, ending their shared power of the red number plate.


1) Christophe Pourcel    1-1
2) Ryan Dungey             2-2
3) Jake Weimer              3-3
4) Brett Metcalfe            4-4
5) Broc Tickle                5-5
6) Kyle Cunningham      6-8
7) Tommy Searle           10-7
8 ) Justin Barcia             7-10
9) Matt Lemoine            14-9
10)PJ Larsen                  13-11

450 Class Results and Photos