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Davi Millsaps | Behind The Scenes
Presented by Thor
Davi Millsaps | Back In The Swing
Davi Millsaps has been looking great on his new Monster Energy Kawasaki. We ask him...
Perris Raceway | Curtain Call
How did Millsaps, Musquin, Bogle, Seely, and more spend last Tuesday?
Fast Tuesday – Pro Practice At Perris Raceway
Perris Raceway was jam packed with some of our sport's top talent as...
Davi Millsaps Kawasaki | GoPro Hero 3+
Millsaps in action aboard his new ride at Milestone MX Park...
Video: Top Tuesdays at Perris Raceway
We caught a bunch of top National pros at Perris Raceway this Tuesday...
Top Tuesdays at Perris Raceway
Jake Weimer, Cooper Webb. Brett Metcalfe, Wil Hahn. Davi Millsaps, and more, terrorize...
Davi Millsaps | Talks About His New Ride
We get the first interview with Davi Millsaps since his switch over to Kawasaki.
Davi Millsaps Kawasaki | First Look
See the first images of Davi Millsaps aboard his new Kawasaki.
@swapmoto cam – Glen Helen MX
Pit Pass Video | Presented by Leatt
Back At It | Davi Millsaps Update
Pit Pass Video | Presented by Leatt
Following Fedorow | Training Tips From Ryan Fedorow
Personal trainer Ryan Fedorow is a crucial part to Davi Millsaps,...
Behind The Scenes: 2014 Rockstar Energy Racing Photo Shoot
Go behind the scenes at the official Rockstar Energy Racing...
Ivan Tedesco Joins Rockstar Energy Racing KTM
As a precautionary measure for Davi Millsaps' recent knee injury, the...
10 Laps With Davi Millsaps
We stopped by the Rockstar Energy Racing track just as Davi Millsaps prepared for a final...
He’s Back: Davi Millsaps Returns To The Track
Davi returns after injuring his ankle and foot.
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