Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Profile: Beau Dargel

Beau Dargel, 23
Queensland, AU
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There has been somewhat of an Australian invasion of the Muscle Milk/Transworld MX racing series this year, with many riders attending the races to get some experience in the US.  Beau Dargel is one of those racers, making his way over and using the Transworld races as a training tool in his quest to make it to the Loretta Lynn’s national.  Dargel has come out to two rounds of the Spring Cup, both times showing a front running pace in the Intermediate classes. 
Photo: Casey Davis
What brings you out to the Muscle Milk/Transworld Spring Cup?
I’m over here training and trying to qualify for Loretta’s, and came out here to get in some racing.
How long have you been in the US racing?
I’ve been over here for nearly three months now, I got here in early February.  I had a friend who helped me get set up in Seattle.  I just came down to California recently and I’ve been riding ever since.  I’ve been doing a few bits and pieces of racing, World Mini, a few of these Transworld races, and the Loretta’s qualifiers.
What’s your plan between now and Loretta’s?
I had planned to finish out this series, try to do the Glen Helen amateur day at the national and just a few races to try to race fitness up a little. 
After Loretta’s, are you going to stay over here and keep racing?
My visa expires at the end of August, so I will have to go home then.  I will do some races back there while I figure out what I want to do.
Photo: Casey Davis
What is your goal in motocross?  Are you looking to turn pro?
I’d like to go pro and come back one day.  For now it’s just to do the best I can and play it by ear.  If it happens it happens, if it doesn’t then it doesn’t.
How did you originally get started racing?
I guess the same way everyone else gets started, my dad got me a PW50 and then the rest is history.  I’ve been racing ever since.  He had a motorcycle background as well, and he helped me get into it and has always supported me the whole time. 
What about motocross drives you to keep come back to race?
I like the competition, I like to come out and race and the work you have to put in to succeed.  It’s not just one thing, not just riding, it is the training and everything that goes along with it, and I like how you have to have everything come together to have a good race. 
What kind of training do you do to make it all come together like that?
Back home I was doing a lot of cycling, but here I don’t have a bike.  I’ve been doing a lot of work at the gym, rowing machine, running and spending as much time as I can on the bike.  That’s about it really.
How do you compare the racing in Australia to the racing here?
It is a lot more intense over here, the races are a lot bigger with a lot more classes.  There are definitely some fast guys in Australia, but there is a bigger variety of fast guys here and a lot more depth in the classes. 
Photo: Casey Davis