Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Profile: Blake Cobbin

Blake Cobbin, 14
Gold Coast, AU
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Blake Cobbin has made the journey from Australia to the United States in pursuit of a dream.  Like many other racers, the US has become a racing destination due to the available resources to develop riders and access to tracks.  Cobbin has been coming out to the Muscle Milk/Transworld MX Spring Cup racing in the 85, Supermini  and 125 classes and has a multitude of podium finishes in all of the classes.  The KTM rider showcases his skills on the track at a young age, leaving us eager to see his progression as he races against the competition. 
Photo: Casey Davis
What brings you over to the US to race?
To chase my dream of racing motocross.  I have wanted to do it my whole life, and I’ve been doing OK.  I won the World Mini in my class, so hopefully I can carry that momentum into other races.
Is this the first year you’ve raced the amateur nationals over here?
Last year we came over here, we raced the Transworld races as well as the World Mini.  I did OK, but not as good as I did this year. 
Are you going to race Loretta’s this year?
I’ve am working on qualifying for Loretta’s this year, I am going to the regional at Competitive Edge.  We fly back to Australia, then we have to come back here for the regional, so hopefully I do well there and get through to Loretta’s. 
What is the main differences in the racing in Australia and the US?
The tracks over here are so much better.  The kids over here are also faster.  In Australia there will be three fast kids at the races, here there are ten, so the competition is way better here.
If you are racing against faster competition, does that push you to build your skills faster?
Definitely, I need to get faster to be able to be competitive.
How did you originally get started racing motocross?
My cousin is Luke Burkhart, and he has been racing professionally for years, and I saw him race when I was a little kid and I also wanted to ride.  My Mom and Dad got me a JR50 to ride, and it has just carried on since then.
Photo: Casey Davis
What is it about motocross that drives you?
Just hitting jumps and getting big air, doing my corners perfect, just the whole feeling of it is amazing.
What kind of training do you do as part of your preparation?
I ride a fair bit, but in Australia there isn’t very many tracks that are close, so I do a lot of fitness and then do a lot of corner practice on our property back home. 
What other things do you do besides racing?
I like to go wakeboarding, we have a nice lake close back home, I love to play basketball and just hang out with my friends.
If you could pick one rider that is your inspiration, who would it be and why?
I like Ken Roczen, he is definitely my favorite.  He’s really nice and takes the time to talk to his fans.  He is an awesome rider as well, I love his style.
What is your goal in motocross?
My ultimate goal is to make motocross my career, go to the AMA nationals and get top 10 results.  But until then, I’d like to win some amateur titles.  My first is at the World Mini, which is a good start.
Do you find it hard to switch back and forth between an 85 and a 125 during the race day?
It is tricky, even more when you are riding a small wheel 85 and a supermini with big wheels, so you are transitioning between three different sizes.  I can throw around the 85 a little more but I like the power of the 125.
Photo: Casey Davis