Catching Up With Doc G

Dr. H. Rey Gubernick, or Doc G, as most people know him, is one of the behind-the-scenes guys in our sport who does a lot of good for many of the top racers. Officially a race-day employee of Ivan Tedesco’s these days, Doc G has in the past and present helped most of the top riders and racers in motocross and freestyle. On a personal note, he’s helped me get back on a bike more times than I can count, and his ability to make me feel better never ceases to amaze me. We checked in on G at his new digs – Natural Health Physical Therapy – in Costa Mesa, California, towards the end of the Supercross Series. You may recognize him from the pages of our magazine, where we often joke that he is actually Tedesco’s bodyguard, but watch this video and you’ll realize there is a lot more to Doc G than a pair of crossed arms and a menacing gaze…

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